Kangana Ranaut: A Politician in the Making?

Kangana’s recent fiascos are making her a viable human brand. But is it a narrative to make her as another actor turned politician?

I remember the time when I saw the movie Fashion by Madhur Bhandarkar. The erratic character of Kangana Ranaut as Shonali Gujral was pretty bold and attitude prone. One on side, it did create a sense of irritation in me and on the other a sense a admiration.

The portrayal of Shonali Gujral as a Show Stopper followed by a girl being betrayed by her own industry roaming in the streets as a lunatic was marvelous. But I did get an instinct that this girl’s career might follow the same trajectory i.e. betrayed by her own industry, criticized for her bold actions etc. Yet, she hasn’t reached that final level of taking the extreme step. Rather she is making her opponents to do the same.

Well, my hatred towards feministic thoughts did get me on a journey of debates and hates among the girls in my own circle (friends & family). And this is one reason why I never tend to vouch for Kangana.

Yet, my admiration to women who come with this kind of attitude is high as always. The best example I would say is, Jayalalithaa. Well, my admiration to her is due to several other reasons too. In the recent past, Kangana is taking occupying that place.

The way she has taken over the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery forward is commendable. Also her taunts on fellow stars is commendable as we hardly saw anyone flaunting around with that boldness.

On the other hand, it is clearly visible that Kangana as a brand has garnered more attention than others. Most evidently, almost everyone who supports Kangana’s cause (including me), are more or less aware of the motives. Here are two possible results that would lead to the current fiasco.

A Political Debut

As we all are aware, Y+ Security is the third best security cover offered to individuals. While Z+ goes to the netas, Y+ is for people such as the Chief Justice of India. When Kangana was offered the same, some did come up with a criticism. But she was enjoying the same.

Thanks to the attention from Shiv Sena and Sanjay Raut calling her names through his Twitter Handle. Now the debate took a 360 degree turn and the Maharashtra Government is receiving all criticism. In turn, all this could lead to one possibility i.e. Kangana Ranaut contesting elections from Mumbai either for Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha. Well, I might be judging the situation here. Nevertheless, this is my own prediction and it could go wrong too.

Leading A Right Wing Bollywood Lobby

Throughout the ongoing SSR fiasco, we have seen Vivek Agnihotri raising his voice followed by right wing political leaders. Even Ravi Kishan, a BJP MP and veteran actor is supporting the claims of murder. Actors such as Ankita Lokhande too came up supporting Kangana and a CBI probe.

Visibly, a right wing lobby is shaping up. Does this mean, Kangana’s political career with a right wing ideology (as expressed before) and her stint as a producer could gradually make way for a right wing lobby? Already, she compared Mumbai with PoK and also went on to say, “Today I felt like Kashmiri Pandits” after her office demolition by BMC. Added to this, she announced the making of the movie- Aparajitha Ayodhya. Does this all mean she is trying to achieve what Hema Malini, Vinod Khanna, Anupam Kher or Kirron Kher didn’t achieve as a politician?

Well, even though I tend to criticize Kangana for a lot of other issues, I do support her the way she took the SSR case forward. Since day one, she went on to raise her voice even if we see an angle of personal gain.

While giving a thumping majority to a political party, people of this country always tend to choose the less evil. For example, even in case of Jayalalithaa, she was voted back to power in 2001 because she was seen as the less evil.

Similarly, if Kangana’s political debut could challenge a larger evil and maintain harmony in the society, people will never shy away from supporting her. Until that extreme step happens, people of this country have a lot of entertainment coming their way.

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Image by klimkin from Pixabay

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