Garuda Prakashan launches ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’

Garuda Prakashan
After facing backlash, Garuda Prakashan has taken the bold step of launching Delhi Riots 2020 and achieved the same. Here are the excerpts on the launch

Keeping with its commitment to uphold plurality in publishing, Garuda Prakashan on Sunday launched the much-awaited book ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’. The book had received over 15,000 pre-orders on Garuda Prakashan’s website within 24 hours of the book’s announcement.

Garuda Prakashan

The book is co-authored by Monika Arora, Sr. Supreme Court Lawyer, Sonali Chitalkar, Assistant Professor, Miranda House, Delhi University, and Prerna Malhotra, Author and Faculty at Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi University. Through its extensive research on-ground, following the communal riots in North East Delhi in February 2020, the book unearths the untold facts and stories behind the riots that perturbed the national capital earlier this year.

From February 29, the fact-finding team of GIA, the Group of Intellectuals and Academicians, made multiple visits to North East Delhi to gather data in the form of extensive interviews with victims, residents of the affected areas and law enforcement personnel. The authors met with religious leaders from both communities who worked to de-escalate the situation. The book is the final product of the intense research and data gathering from the violence-affected areas of North East Delhi.

“Busting the fake narrative on Delhi Riots 2020 with hard facts. Here comes the book ‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’,” said Monika Arora, author and Sr. Lawyer, Supreme Court, India.

‘Delhi Riots 2020: The Untold Story’ was to be published by a subsidiary of foreign based publishing house, which had whetted the content but de-platformed the book at the last minute due to extraneous factors. The three women authors turned to Garuda Prakashan, and within a few weeks, the book went to press, and is now being proudly launched as a step towards decolonization and restoring agency to Indian voices.

The book was launched virtually on September 20, 2020 on the Facebook & YouTube channel of Garuda Prakashan.

“The book ‘Delhi Riots 2020’, with meticulous on-ground reporting attempts to bring an alternative perspective to the tragic events in Delhi. It also shows how violence was pre-planned and false narratives were spread intending to drive a wedge between communities,” said Sankrant Sanu, CEO, Garuda Prakashan.

Congratulating the authors, Rajiv Malhotra, President, Infinity Foundation and the keynote speaker at the launch, hailed the book launch as an important milestone in the fight for dharma and justice.

The book launch was also attended by eminent author and speaker, Sanjay Dixit, Chairman, The Jaipur Dialogues who added that “Delhi Riots: The Untold Story book is an important milestone in Indic people owning up and documenting their own narratives instead of leaving it to compromised sepoys of the West and Marx.” 

The book is available to order on and major online bookstores. Also, do check out on Garuda Prakashan’s response to Nandini Sundar’s comment.

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