Arthamedha – Your Guide to Wealth Accumulation Written by Kapil Arya

Thought Habitat understands the interests and research of Kapil Arya in finance. Following is the discussion with Kapil Arya on his book- Arthamedha.

Kapil Arya, a debutant author has come up with his new book in Hindi – Arthamedha. This book is talking about the philosophies that the rich follow to accumulate wealth. He claims that this book is a result of 10 years of meticulous research. Thought Habitat had the opportunity to understand the interests of Kapil Arya in finance and his decade-old research. Following is the discussion with Kapil Arya.

Edited Excerpts

What prompted you to write this book?

This is a very funny anecdote about how I got inspired to write Arthamedha. Like other students, I used to think about my career during high school. During that time I used to dream of becoming a writer but I did not know whether it would be a good idea to make a career in writing.

One day when I went to meet my friend at his home, a big astrologer had come to his house. A friend was asking Jyotish Ji about his future. Seeing Jyotish Ji, I also got curious to know about myself.

I had asked Jyotish ji about my career, then after doing his astrological calculations, he told that I should make a career in the profession related to research or writing. I wanted to become a writer so I was happy to listen to Jyotish ji and also got more confidence that my idea of becoming a writer is right.

But along with this a big question arose that on which subject should the writing be done. I have asked the same question to many people but did not get any satisfactory answer. In this episode, I asked my father the same question, then he told me a very important thing that I should write on some such problem which affects most people but they are not able to solve it properly. The subject of money is one such subject. Therefore, this is the main reason behind the inspiration to write Arthamedha.

Arthamedha is 10 years of research you did. Would you like to tell us more about the interesting findings of your research?

I have explained all the findings of my research in detail in Arthamedha. Let me tell you one of those Findings. Today most people are under the burden of debt. Most financial advisors advise people to make a list of all their debts.

In the list, first, write the debt on which the interest is high, then write the loan with less interest than that and prepare the list in the same way. Now focus your full attention on paying off the loan with a higher interest rate and pay as much as you can but keep paying the rest of the loan minimum.

When one debt is repaid, then focus your attention on the other debt, and doing the same thing in a short time the person will be free from the debt. Financial consultants give this advice but ignore the bitter truth that by adopting this formula to get out of debt, a person can be free from debt, which has enough income but for the person whose income is less.

Getting out of debt is almost impossible. In fact, debt becomes a problem only when it is not repaid and in most cases, the person who has less income cannot pay the loan because if he pays the loan then his need is not met and if the need is met, then the loan cannot be paid. Debt never becomes a problem for a person who has adequate means of income. That’s why his advice doesn’t work for most people.

We have many books in the market which tells people the same. How different is your book?

A lot of books have been written on the subject of money but there is one major drawback that they fail to solve the financial problems of the people because most of the books either give motivation in the name of money-related knowledge or tell how to earn money from money.

The bitter truth is that motivation is not enough to become rich, whereas money can be earned by the use of money only for those people who already have wealth or a high-paying job. Therefore, people who do not have wealth or high-paying job; they are not able to take any benefit from the things mentioned in those books even if they want.

That’s why Arthamedha is different from other books. Because it has been written keeping in mind the financial problems and condition of the people. So Arthamedha teaches the person who does not have money how can he get more money fast and teach the person who has money how his wealth can grow fast?

Which age group do you think would benefit the most out of your book?

By the way, Arthamedha is for all those people who are in financial difficulties or in whose life money is important, but if I talk about age group, then Arthamedha is most beneficial for youth because they are at that stage of life. Where one decision decides the direction of their life.

Now that you have come with Arthamedha. What next?

After Arthamedha, there are 3 books in the pipeline. I think the next book should come in 3 years because I need a lot of research for that.

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