Pratilipi extends enormous support to authors like us – Ankita Thakur

In this conversation on books, Ankita Thakur is revealing her inspiration behind her books & the support of Pratilipi for authors like her.

Ankita Thakur is a young and emerging author on the digital storytelling platform Pratilipi. Ankita has been on the receiving end of acknowledgment and appreciation for her stories Who are You? along with You and Me –  a beautiful journey that has driven her to explore different genres for her audience.

Ankita Thakur spoke to Thought Habitat on her writing journey and the inspiration behind her books. Also, she reveals Pratilipi’s role in her journey.

Here are the edited excerpts.

In your story, you are demonstrating a strong woman character. Can we say the character is your replica or someone who you dream to be?

I always wanted to build a strong female character, who can protect herself and others as well – this is a character every girl like me probably wants to be. Apart from this, I always kept my mother in mind whilst writing this character, having seen her struggles she is the strongest character for me.

What was that exposure you had with supernatural thrillers that you ended up writing a wonderful story?

I have always believed that you need a wide imagination to write any supernatural story about things you have just heard of, never seen, never felt! Besides that, we have stories of a supernatural being “jaldsire” quite famous here. Many people have claimed to see them, such stories led me towards a liking for supernatural thrillers as my favorite genre.

Even though you are from a remote village in Himachal Pradesh, you managed to publish your book with Pratilipi. Would you like to tell us how you managed to identify this platform?

Nowadays, digital platforms for writing have reached far and wide. I came to know about Pratilipi from a friend of mine. Pratilipi is the best platform out of all the forums that I have found to date. I can write here without any worry and without any stress. Also, Pratilipi extends support to authors like us immensely. Now, I am an extremely happy member of the Pratilipi family.

Going forward, would you like to tell us about your next story?

For the time being, I am writing a story “Panchkavach” which is again based on the supernatural genre. In this story, the plot is based on five life elements, seven chakras, and kundalini energy. Moreover, I am going to write a story titled “Anant” soon, which will revolve around the evil of the society and the struggle of the main lead with the former.

Kudos to Pratilipi for nurturing talents from remote parts of India. With this, every aspiring Indian author will unleash their dream of becoming a published author. More such Ankita Thakur should emerge successful by leveraging platforms like Pratilipi.

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