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With Sushant’s mysterious death, Bollywood is under scrutiny for nepotism and favouritism. Thought Habitat feels certain measures can make it fair for all.

Well, you all know why I’m talking on this. May Sushant’s soul rest in peace and that of the others who died under mysterious circumstances. The 5 million dislikes of Sadak 2 trailer is the best testimony of the hatred people have towards the industry. Cries of nepotism, nexus formation and career destroying media stories are making rounds everyday.

Unlike usual times, we hear voices from some of the established celebrities too. But this boycotting and voicing did exist before as well. The only reason for the well penetrated #bollywoodboycott could be the role of social media and public participation in the campaign.

Well, some of the Bollywood movies never met our expectations and was a disaster in the box office. But we also cannot deny that some of the nepotism casting exercises did produce quality movies. Then should we accept everything as it is? Are we wrong in supporting #bollywoodboycott? Certainly, not!

As common folks, our concern is on the movie and did it entertain us or not. But as audience, we have a responsibility to ensure that we aren’t the reason for the shattering of someone else’s dream. After all, breaking their cult status, they are common folks too.

As a common folk, I believe these practices will ensure a healthy Bollywood with equal opportunities. These are essential because if our kith and kin are to make it big in Bollywood, we don’t want to see him as another Sushant Singh Rajput or Parveen Babi found dead mysteriously.

A Policy to Regularize the Industry

Way back in the 1960s, Bollywood requested an industry status which was denied by the then Government. Due to which, they weren’t eligible for Bank Loans to produce movies. Reportedly, they had to depend on the private lenders controlled by the underworld. Then later on, in 1998, Sushma Swaraj, the then Indian I&B Ministry offered industry status to Bollywood and they could avail bank loans. Well, did the producers go for a bank loan after that? I don’t know.

Subhash Ghai, a notable filmmaker at that time did welcome the measure saying, “We too will have independent producers like there are in Hollywood.” Well, such a policy is now required for casting actors in movies and curbing the anarchy.

Film Censor Board and the I&B Ministry could bring a proper framework to cast the right talent in the right movies. Moreover, they can set benchmarks for the amount paid per actor, director, screenwriter etc. So that next time, we don’t see a very capable actor/any artist getting underpaid. Now, the ball is in the government’s court to create a fair industry.

Curbing the Negative PR Mechanism & Insensitive Viral Negative Social Media Campaigns

This is where we people have a large role to play. We watch a movie and like the actors, but we never stop there. We give them a godly status and expect them to give a judgement on everything. There is a group to support that cause and make it viral. The opposite faction eyeing for the spotlight rope in other set of stars who share their opinion and complicate the issue.

Well, this exists because we people have an eye for sensationalism. All we have to do here is, ignore such stupid sensationalism and listen to news that matters. Ignore gossips! What if an actor and actress date each other? Aren’t they people like us? Why can’t we take it easy? Moreover, support good movies.

Outsiders Must Amp Up Their Skills

Nepotism and favoritism does exist everywhere and Bollywood is no exception. We all do see companies that are family run and how the CEOs son takes over the baton after his retirement. At the same time, there are companies which recognize your talent and take the executives on a hierarchical upswing i.e. till the board. Here talent matters. Bollywood has become a public property and stars come up with opinions and sometimes it does hit back hard on them.

Sushant Singh Rajput is getting so much attention because he established himself with his own talent. He impressed the major production houses and garnered a wider fan base with only his skill and Dil Bechara is one of his career best.

There is no denying the fact that the same Salman Khan who is known for career destroying activities created opportunities for outsiders. Hrithik Roshan even though is a producer & director son proved his mettle with glamour and acting prowess.

Even in my previous blogs on web movie reviews I did confess that I’m not a movie connoisseur. Therefore, whatever I mentioned here is what I believe a fair mechanism to let everyone sustain in an industry engulfed with competition. I do believe the policymakers have a better way to tackle this. All we need at this moment is, light at the end of the tunnel. If our kith and kin want an opportunity in Bollywood, we need an affirmation that they aren’t becoming the victims of nepotism, favoritism and exploitism.

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