Docty – Enabling Healthcare Access for All

Here is the story of Docty which is patient-centric with its integrated ecosystem that includes the entire gamut of what a patient wants.

Docty is a global digital healthcare platform offering patient-centric services through a complete set of geo-located digital solutions. It eliminates care fragmentation and addresses societal health disparity by making healthcare solutions accessible to one and all, while also maintaining top-notch quality.

The brand’s vision is to create the largest possible digital healthcare ecosystem that addresses some of the major challenges patients face with respect to healthcare.

Thought Habitat is talking to Ramya Subramanian, Co-Founder of Docty about their vision, mission, and roadmap for growth.

Practo is now the undisputed leader in this space. How do you think Docty can emerge as a winner?

The space that Practo and Docty are in different areas. Docty is patient-centric with our integrated ecosystem that includes the entire gamut of what a patient wants (Employers, doctors, clinics, hospitals, insurance providers, pharmacy) labs) ALL under ONE platform.

Docty goes Beyond the Consultation, bridging the gap between the annual health checkups; our mantra being Health + Wellness = Quality of life. This is a Continuous Engagement that helps Democratize Healthcare. These are our clear USPs that help create the space for Docty.

What is more unique about Docty by which it can be differentiated from others in the market?

  • Docty can be accessed from any geo-location. Docty is a low-bandwidth application. Docty’s team believes that to deliver good Healthcare, all that’s needed is a phone, an internet connection, a post office with Docty’s kiosk, and NGOs working in collaboration with the government. 
  • Docty is moving on to new projects to make quality healthcare accessible to predominantly rural areas. Docty’s current plan is to set up 100 Kiosks in 100 different suburban neighborhoods to create awareness. Also, Docty plans to launch Docty’s wearables in India this year. These wearables won’t just track your heartbeat and steps, but they will also help you track the risks of having chronic diseases. 
  • Access to quality healthcare in rural areas is a problem, and Docty aims to solve this. According to the UN, the death rates in India reached 7.344 due to a lack of awareness and quality access to healthcare in rural areas. Docty’s business model works to solve healthcare disparities in each regional market by democratizing the availability and accessibility to cost-effective, high-quality Healthcare, especially in traditionally underserved areas. Docty provides quality healthcare and creates awareness about how people can easily access telehealth activities.

Please tell us more about Docty’s Advantages.

Docty has several advantages to its name, highlighting Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration. 

  • The platform incorporates AI to produce insights and improve clinical diagnostics. These gadgets evaluate patients’ emotions using facial recognition, supporting doctors in their diagnoses.
  • Docty’s comparative advantage is that it provides a patient-centric, innovative digital health service through a comprehensive set of geo-located digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and hospitals in providing quality care through AI Integration, Data Protection, Doctors-Patient Connect, Family Health Management, and Docty’s symptom checker, all on one platform.
  • Docty operates with minimal data usage and low bandwidth video consultations, allowing for high-quality health care to be offered to patients anywhere, any time.
  • Docty also provides end-to-end solutions for patients, doctors, clinics, and pharmacies utilizing technology and high-fidelity algorithms.

The Finance Minister has announced a national telemental health program for free. How do you think this will impact your business?

This is totally in line with Docty’s vision – Healthcare Access for all. Everyone needs to have access to Healthcare, and now with this program, mental fitness is also taken care of. Mental Wellness is shrugged under the rug and not spoken about in our societies and culture. If anything, this move by the Govt is a perfect one on the right path of Healthcare.

Going forward, what are the future plans of Docty?

Docty is a self-funded startup that has gone global in a short period of time. In the following year, Docty has a clear and explicit plan to expand across the country, and our team is looking for seed investments to aid us in going through with it. We want to build a platform that encourages cross-pollination to increase human welfare and equitable access to resources.

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