Coaching Federation of India welcomes the New Education Policy


After 34 years, a much needed New Education Policy (NEP) was presented by the Government of India. The coaching fraternity believes that this is a revolutionary policy that can catapult Indian students’ level to compete with students of developed countries.

Coaching Industry educates about twenty lakh students every year and provides employment to more than five lakh highly educated individuals. It is shaping the lives of many poor to middle-class students and helping them carve their dream careers. It serves as a supplemental education provider for the country’s education system that focuses primarily on basic school education. Many technology leaders, top bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers and software engineers have benefitted from this industry. However, the industry hopes to have a favourable response from the current government as it has not got its due recognition for almost five decades.

In the wake of this, many top coaching institutions across the country like Bansal Classes, ALLEN, etc have joined hands to represent this industry in all the forums to get due recognition as a support system for the entire education domain. Together they started an initiative called “Coaching Federation of India” (CFI). CFI has welcomed NEP 2020 and its members have shared few insightful points on the same.

“The change by a marks-based report to a holistic test will guarantee a transfer away from rote learning to conceptual learning. This will permit students to take a class in accordance with their competencies and capacity. Additionally, it ensures that students can pursue careers where their best interests lie and reducing stress significantly”, says Mr. V. K Bansal, Founder, Bansal Classes, KOTA, Advisor at CFI.

Mr. Mrityunjay R Narayanan, CFI President says, “With the NEP 2020, we will see a shift from summative assessment to regular and formative assessment, which is more competency-based that promotes learning and development, and tests higher-order skills, such as analysis, logical thinking and clarity”.

The choice given to the students to take up courses as per their interests has been the highlight of the New Education Policy. Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Kasula, General Secretary, CFI, says, “It’s suggested in NEP 2020 that for classes 9-12, starting with Mathematics, all areas are offered at 2 levels. This will permit the above-average students to operate with more rigor. As of this moment, the rigor is diluted with an intention to adapt the interests of the weaker students also. This was found de-motivating for the curious students who need to devote one-year learning stuff which can be completed in a few months. Having two Distinct levels can now address this Issue in a significant manner”.

CFI works for the welfare of all the stakeholders in the coaching fraternity – students, parents, teaching and education management professionals. CFI believes NEP 2020 will help coaching institutes attract, coach, and build some of the country’s best brains.

Well, happy to see the positive thoughts on our New Education Policy. In the meantime, do read something on Aromatherapy.

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