Aromatherapy to Fight COVID-19: Rosemoore

Rosemoore, a fragrance brand is now taking up the fight against COVID-19 with its aromatherapy offering. Read this to know more

Fragrance brand Rosemoore presents seamless incorporation of corona protection with fine fragrance blends. The fragrance brands incorporate active ingredients that can kill up to 99.8% coronavirus in its products such as diffusers and refills.Once believed to be a luxury, fragrances are now gradually becoming indispensable lifestyle products in middle-income Indian households. Products such as reed diffusers, electronic diffusers, scent sacks, candles, & burners are now increasingly used in Indian homes, offices, & retail stores.

As brands like Rosemoore are stepping their game and introducing evolved products to fight against Corona, a further jump in such fragrant sales is inevitable. Now fragrances would not just be used for lifestyle ambiances, but also as a no-side effect alternative to fight and neutralize COVID-19.

Commenting on the new development, Ankit Kansal, Managing Director- Rosemoore said, “We are glad that we will be leading the fight against Corona with a fragrant and innovative twist. Not just in homes but these products can be widely used in other public places such as shops, malls, offices, ATMs, & much more, offering a suitable line of defense against the perennial virus. Given that there have been cases of infection transmitting through the air, the use of diffusers can be effective in preventing the spread of diseases. However, it was not even imagined that by integrating with medically proven substances, they will be an effective preventive measure against the COVID 19 virus.”

Well, Aromatherapy is picking up some more traction due to COVID-19. We believe this industry will grow more in the coming days. Also, read something on marketing best practices.

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