Let’s not go gaga over Corona: A time to re-initiate marketing with new ideas

Gaurav Joshi, founder of 91 Marcom talks on reinitiating marketing with new ideas despite the challenges thrown by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Life has gotten way more strenuous in the tide of a pandemic, when the world is confronting the lethal Coronavirus and the disease it causes. It’s natural to lose semblance while dealing with unprecedented circumstances like the present. But, we should be reconsidering how much we can allow it to disrupt our lives in general. In the face of a global crisis, humankind must solidify commitment to solutions and moving forward. 

Every individual on Earth is interdependent to live even a customary lifestyle in the most ordinary manner. With people constantly losing their occupations and livelihood due to the worldwide predicament, sound health is not the sole concern of a commoner. Jobs in every arena are freezing. News about the country fronting a larger economic impact in the coming months due to this virus outbreak is making headlines. Brands have to reinforce their marketing activities afresh to wipe off this negative narrative.

Likewise, also in the work province, industries are interconnected at a substantial scale. If one industry completely shuts down, others are definitely going to face repercussions. The only way to reverse this is re-initiating marketing with new ideas. There are innumerable articles on the internet discussing diverse marketing strategies for all types of business organizations.

The few discussed below are best picked effective recommendations beneficial for small to large scale industries:

Build online appearance – 90% of consumers believe that a business with a website is more credible than one without it. Having a website means you are there online 24/7. Staying offline has every possibility of losing customers to your contenders, as it has become a norm to have a website of your own in today’s cutthroat market condition.

Building trust with a powerful brand story – Particularly for new and existing brands, a public relations campaign helps to set the narrative, creates brand buzz and procure followers. Unlike conventional advertising, a pragmatic brand story in the media can inspire emotional reactions from customers. They aren’t going to just buy the product; but a part of your story. It increases brand recognition, reliability and trusted consumer relationships, resulting in repeat sales and brand equity.

Social Media engagement – ‘Tweeting’, ‘gramming’, ‘feeding’, ‘linkedin-ing’ gets your brand out there in front of prospective customers in the hope that you will be in the top of their mind, the next time they’re in need of the product or service you sell. Social media is relatively low-cost. As because it’s easily scalable, organizations utilize social media as a tool to escalate traffic.

Using your product for a social cause – This is a method that never goes wrong. Aligning your brand with a purpose is an amazing way to inspire consumers to share your vision. Consumers are more receptive to messaging that touches their heart in a way that holds a greater cause.

New marketing ideas can re-establish complicated business opportunities. Thankfully, new marketing ideas don’t mean outspending everyone else. A creative splash and some out of the box thinking is what is the need of the hour. This will yield a finer outcome than spending copious amounts can ever be able to do.

Gaurav Joshi, Founder, 91 Marcom

A diligent and challenge-driven go-getter with an MBA in Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad. With more than 10 years of industry experience, he has achieved a niche as a successful media proprietor. Gaurav began his professional career with the largest Multinational Technology firm IBM which introduced him to the substantial corporate culture. An exceptional 4 years of experience in Technology and IT Sales in multiple corporate organizations has turned out to be the foundation of his professional intellect. 

His re-route to Journalism from the corporate domain wasn’t entirely a coincidence. Gaurav’s father served the leading Newswire Agency UNI and worked closely with top Media tycoons for almost all his life. In his own words, “this world was as alluring as it could be for me”. His initial media encounter in a Public Relations institution as a Senior Media Analyst established him to the attributes of the media sphere and its prospects. In the year 2018, Gaurav set in motion his dream company 91 Marcom and embraced the role of an entrepreneur. 

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