Samarpan Singh – Doctor, Actor, and a lot more

Samarpan Singh, a new age entrepreneur is talking about his inspiration behind becoming a doctor, motivation to become an actor and his future plans.

Samarpan Singh, Executive Director of Deep Hospital hails from a medical family in Ludhiana, where he co-runs this hospital his father and renowned pediatrician, Dr. Baldeep Singh. Apart from being a second generation entrepreneur, Samarpan recently explored a career in acting. In this interview, he is talking about his inspiration behind becoming a doctor, motivation to become an actor and his future plans.

Inspiration and Grooming as a Doctor

When you grow up in a surrounding when people talk about a profession and when everybody else is a medical professional then you tend to become one. Having said that it is not so easy to become a doctor. One has to put a lot of work. Even though my parents conditioned me to become a doctor all my life, my interest and passion for the profession pushed me further.

Inculcating Healthcare Analytics in Hospital Administration

We are lucky to have a footfall in hospital that leads to enormous data generation. For example, after rains we see a spike in Dengue cases and similarly, we tend to what are the other diseases that are fast spreading during rainy season and other seasons. We analyse the data and identify how therapies work on a certain group of people and how soon they recovered.

Motivation Behind Acting as a Career

It was all lockdown time, and I got an opportunity. I did not want to let it go. We did a web series in Hot Star which received a positive response and similarly there was one more web series which also performed well. I personally believe before it is too late, I must explore some opportunities and see how I shine in it.

Future Plans

Acting is something which knocked on my door and I accepted it. Along with my profession as a doctor and continued my position as the executive director of the hospital. Similarly, if something else comes up I will be exploring that opportunity as well.

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