Lexicon Group of Schools – Delivering Quality Education & A New Venture

Run by the father-daughter duo of Pankaj Sharma and Akanksha Sharma, Lexicon Group of Schools is now venturing into a new segment. What is it all about?

There are abundant private schools and colleges in India. Thanks to the vast population and the unending demand for quality education. However, not all institutions have stood apart when it comes to quality. At the same time, there are various other parameters on which an educational institution shows its uniqueness.

Lexicon Group of Schools is among the few institutes that ensure quality education and scores well on various parameters too. Run by the father-daughter duo of Pankaj Sharma and Akanksha Sharma, the school is considered a preferred choice for parents. Now, the academicians are venturing into a childcare lifestyle segment.

Why the sudden venture into the lifestyle segment? Does it mean Lexicon Group is gradually becoming a conglomerate business? Pankaj Sharma and Akanksha Sharma are answering everything about their school and the child care segment. In addition to this, they are also revealing their future plans for both these businesses.

Has the concept of educational institutions saturated in India as we see a new school or college emerging out of nowhere?

Our country will always require quality education, however thanks to the pandemic the methods of education have altered, but education will always remain essential to our country and our economy. While the education system of our country has progressed we are still away from the ideal version. 

With so many years as an academician, what do you consider as the biggest ever achievement?

Our motto of ‘Believe in Yourself’ is the guiding light for all of us at Lexicon. You feel like an achiever when students become successful, which could mean they become great human beings with strong values, or they get placed in the leading educational institutions of the world and also I feel like an achiever when students get placed into multinationals with a very high salary package. All in all, if my students contribute to the growth of the country, It gives a great sense of happiness.

Now you are venturing into a vertical that is way too contrast to education i.e., childcare and lifestyle. Why the sudden shift?

We initially began with education and have 3 high schools, a management institute, a hotel management institute, and multiple pre-schools across the city, however, we have also expanded into other verticals, like fitness, we own a chain of gyms across India and outside called MultiFit, we are into ed-tech, media, STEM learning kits, legal services, and media. CITTA is our venture into FMCG. 

Being the daughter of Mr. Pankaj Sharma don’t you think it is easier to expand into the education sector itself?

Yes, it would be easier, however, I believe it’s important to work your way up from starting a company to growing it. If I joined our education vertical I would not be able to learn and face all the struggles I have with CITTA since Lexicon is an already established organization. 

Going forward, what’s the roadmap for Lexicon Schools and CITTA?

We hope to make CITTA a household brand in India because we believe that every child deserves the best and it’s our duty to provide it as our products are safe and natural, inspired by Dadi Nani Ke Nuskhe, and backed by science.

Once we are successful in making CITTA a household name in India, then we plan to export in the future too as we want to reach out to most of the children across the world with our products. We feel that our products are of international quality and would be appreciated by the people there too. We plan to have more Lexicon Schools in Maharashtra and then spread our wings to the whole of India.

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