Careerera has partnered with EdX to offer accredited certificates from Ivy League Universities

Careerera has made associations with EdX to offer Ivy League University’s accredited certifications to its learner thereby fulfilling student dreams.

Careerera has made associations with EdX to offer Ivy League University’s accredited certifications to its learners. Studying at these highly selective and prestigious institutions is every student’s dream, but due to several factors this dream of many seems far-fetched. Some of these factors are sky-high tuition fees, high competition (clearing SAT, GRE, LSAT, GPA), lower admission rate, expensive accommodation, etc. 

Careerera understands the prominence and significance of higher education from such renowned universities, hence the association with EdX was taken into consideration. This association will make the Ivy league dream more accessible for the learners. We aim to impart quality education along with certifications accredited from universities including Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, etc. This will open a lot of career opportunities for learners in the future.

As the world is emerging from the grip of pandemic and life is returning to normalcy, education still remains primarily virtual in 2021. Students, professionals, teachers, and parents have realised that Elearning is a newly diversified and all inclusive initiative. Elearning has become quite popular and appreciated among students all over the world.

Gaining admission to an Ivy League institution is not a cake walk, as their admission criteria is arduous. We at Careerera ensure that every student irrespective of its financial background gets the best quality education as education is the only puissant tool that can eradicate all the social vile and sparsity across the world. Our association with EdX will let students and professionals earn Ivy League accredited certifications at the most cost effective fee. Getting Ivy League accreditation will not only make you industry ready but also provide promising career futures, says Vivek K Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Careerera.

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