Why Putin is Right about Invading Ukraine?

Why is Putin right? Here are some facts that prove Russia this invasion is beyond just a powerful country invading a smaller nation.

First and foremost, the entire Russian invasion of Ukraine is not a regional conflict. It is more or less a direct conflict between Russia and the United States of America. I’m no geopolitical expert, but I made a few observations, and personally, I believe, Vladimir Putin is right. Why is Putin right? Here are some facts that prove Russia this invasion is beyond just a powerful country invading a smaller nation.

West Finding an Opportunity to Isolate Russia

Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Reading the book, The Colder War, I did learn the abundant oil reserves in Russia that are still untapped. Due to this, Russia continues to be the largest exporter of Oil & Gas in the world.

Due to this, directly putting sanctions on Russia might look like an abrupt attempt to rub the nation in a wrong way. Hence, they find an opportunity in using Ukraine. Just like how the liberals leverage the minorities to eradicate all growth prospects of a nation. By doing so, they can isolate Russia and make way for the nation’s collapse. Then, all the oil reserves in the world’s largest country are up for grabs.

However, Russia is neither intimidated nor weaker. The sense of nationalism in the country is high than elsewhere. Therefore, bringing down the world’s superpower on its knees is not as simple as the west thinks.

Western Countries Attempting to Set a Military Base in Ukraine

In the recent past, Ukraine under Volodymyr Zelensky made desperate attempts to join NATO. The desperateness was so visible that he went on to declare it on record. Yet, Russia was keen on stopping Ukraine from doing so. Why so?

Once Ukraine joins NATO, all the western countries are free to set up a military base in Ukraine i.e., at the doorstep of Russia. Everybody knows what a military base is meant for. Yes, Russia will have to face not 1 but 30 countries with all their military might together.

Ukraine used as a Sitting Duck

Right from the time when the war started, the entire world is portrayed as the victim and Russia (Putin especially) as the villain. Being the country’s top man, was Zelensky not able to foresee Russian aggression? Or didn’t anyone see such a situation coming?

The world leaders who call for peace currently were unaware of what happens if Russia attacks Ukraine? This only means, Ukraine was used as bait to happily make everyone else put sanctions on Russia.

Meanwhile, just because Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan met Putin, the USA was quick enough to sanction the National Bank of Pakistan. Isn’t this a case of a superpower arm twisting a poor nation?

If Russia is the Aggressor then Who Triggered this Aggression?

A superpower invading a small country is morally wrong. We all agree with that fact, but a nation like Russia is not going simply invade a neighboring nation for fun. Russia had to invade Crimea and take control to stop western forces from entering the Black Sea.

Why did Zelensky vehemently oppose the world’s largest nation even though he realized his country cannot withstand an invasion? And, didn’t the USA know Russia can veto whatever comes against it in the UN Security Council? All of this only means, the West created a trap for Russia to ensure the entire world would isolate it.

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  1. Superb article. All facts rightly said. I can just blame USA and Zelensky for this unnecessary bloodshed. And one more point there was a treaty that Eastern European countries would act as buffer states and NATO won’t expand to East Europe. But USA did not follow it and Ukraine also joining NATO was the last straw for Russia. For Putin its national security is ultimate and we cannot blame him for that.

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