Wahter is launching Desh ka Pani at an unprecedented MRP of ₹1!

With its innovative approach to providing clean, premium-quality drinking water at an unbelievably low price of just ₹1 per bottle.

Wahter, the brainchild of founders Amitt and Kashiish A Nenwani, is set to revolutionize the packaged water industry in India. With its innovative approach to providing clean, premium-quality drinking water at an unbelievably low price of just Re. 1 per bottle, Wahter is not only addressing the need for clean water but is also making a powerful statement about fairness and accessibility. 

Additionally, the company is providing brands with an impactful advertising medium for the first time in the country, where they are not only visible to a larger audience but can also measure the impact of the reach and impact through Wahter’s proprietary tech. Renowned industry leaders including Anant Goel, Anuj Tejpal and many others have endorsed the initiative.

“I think Wahter is a wonderful concept, something that I would definitely love my brand to be on. It’s almost like an essential space, it’s an amazing placement and right in the hands of the consumer,” said Anant Goel, CEO and founder of Sorted. Goel was earlier the CEO of Milkbasket. 

“Quenching my thirst with “Wahter” is not just refreshing, it’s a style statement too! Proudly made-in-India, these water bottles redefine style, allowing businesses to showcase their identity with every sip and reach the last mile. Wahter is a testament to innovation. Elevate your brand with every sip — staying hydrated has never looked this good! Cheers to hydration and the “Wahter” team,” said Anuj Tejpal, VP – Global Revenue & Marketing, OYO

Wahter’s MRP is just Re.1 for a 250mL bottle, and Rs.2 for a 500mL bottle, which makes it very economical for all categories of consumers. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, Wahter uses fully recyclable bottles. Wahter will be available everywhere — from a paan shop, all the way to flights. The problem of clean accessible drinking water is very old, but Wahter will solve this once and for all.

Amitt Nenwani, Co-founder of Wahter, succinctly put it, “Our vision for Wahter goes beyond just providing clean, affordable water. We are committed to creating a sustainable and impactful medium for brands to communicate with their audiences, while also contributing to the larger mission of making water accessible to all. Wahter is not just a product; it is a statement of fairness, sustainability, and accessibility.” 

Wahter is a part of the esteemed Shiva Group portfolio. Shiva Group was founded by visionary leader Er. Shiv Kumar Nenwani in 1987. Wahter is not just a beverage company. 

The company has also launched a tech-based platform that is redefining conventional advertising, and through which advertisers can customise their marketing plans. Advertisers can choose their target market based on PIN codes, and further narrow it down to specific serviceable spaces where their audience is present, like corporate offices, carts, strollers and even airlines. 

Advertisers can then use the user-friendly Wahter app to create an account for themselves, upload their brand’s design and integrate it with the label’s template, and view how the finished product will look from a 360 degree perspective.  They can also create new orders and track it. 

Using the geo-tagging feature on the dashboard, advertisers can get a report with several parameters such as order history, status of the live orders, and view the exact location of the bottles being distributed through various distribution channels, on a handy online map. Through geographic tracking and demographic analysis of customers, brands can develop tailored strategies that resonate with their target audience.

Wahter’s distribution network is comprehensive and designed to ensure widespread availability. The company’s branded water bottles will be available at hypermarkets, on Wahter carts and strollers, and in mom and pop shops across the NCR (to be subsequently launched pan-India). This strategic distribution plan ensures that Wahter’s mission to provide affordable, clean water reaches every corner of the country.

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