United Opposition for 2024 Indian General Election?

Modi 2.0 has completed just two years. But already, the talks of United Opposition has started with Mamata Banerjee as the PM Candidate. Read more.

Right after Trinamool Congress won the 2021 West Bengal Assembly Elections, a media person asked Mamata Banerjee that if she will contest for Lok Sabha in 2024 representing the United Opposition.

The reply that she gave was, “Why are you asking about it now? We have COVID-19 to handle. Let us talk about it later.”

After Trinamool Congress won there were reports of violence on people who voted for BJP. Sitaram Yechury, a left wing leader too condemned the act of Trinamool Congress. Then, we saw her spat with CBI and Calcutta High Court. Then, she fighting for her Chief Secretaries who reportedly didn’t bother obeying the Central Government order.

Nothing other than that happened in West Bengal after that. In the vaccines which the Central Government gave for free, Mamata Banerjee managed to put her photographs. This only means she is an opportunistic politician to whom winning elections is the only agenda.

However, in the recent times her meeting with Farmer Union leader Rakesh Tikait is a notable one. Now, she is all set to support the fake farmer protests in all states. If that happens, THIRD WAVE is inevitable!

On the other hand, Prashant Kishore meeting Sharad Pawar today is also a news which is remarkable. Eventually, this might lead to a large alliance of regional powers.

Well, Mamata Banerjee is already becoming the Prime Ministerial Candidate for a united opposition for 2024 Indian General Elections. But I hope our people won’t go for that plunge!

Here are some regional parties who could support Mamata Banerjee.

Aam Aadmi Party

Two states are yet to implement One Nation One Ration scheme. And that is because of the radical minds that are running these two states. While AAP now proclaims to deliver it at the door step of all poor people, TMC ruling West Bengal is not even planning to implement it.

Moreover, these two Chief Ministers are vehemently opposing BJP and Narendra Modi since beginning. AAP can contest in the 14 seats in Punjab and 7 seats in Delhi.

While we do not know their prospects of winning Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, they can possibly win something in Punjab. If the current scenario continues, they can possibly take at least 50 percent of the seats in Punjab.


The current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the DMK supremo M K Stalin shared stage with Mamata in Kolkata some years before. He managed to speak in Bengali too. With BJP as a common enemy for both on regional issues, DMK could possibly join the united opposition.

Tamil Nadu is a state with 39 seats. If BJP and AIADMK don’t bother about bringing in the right alliance numbers, then all the 39 might favour DMK+ alliance if at all it is in the United Opposition.

While the party is already part of UPA, it is speculated that they are looking for an alternative to Congress. Ideologically, they are inclined towards BJP. Hence, they could possibly make an alliance of smaller parties and Communist too in the fray.

Shiv Sena

Since the death of Balasaheb Thackeray, everything has been uncertain between Shiv Sena and BJP. Both in 2014 and 2019 BJP did have trouble in forming the government even though it was the single largest party.

But with the present Maha Vikas Aghadi, everything seems intact. Congress and NCP are turning out to be more friendly for Shiv Sena than before. Therefore, possibilities of Shiv Sena joining the NDA camp is comparatively less.

Also, Sanjay Raut and other top Sena leaders are now keen on supporting non-BJP state governments more. Hence, they could join the United Opposition camp too.

Along with these parties, Akali Dal, BSP, JDS and others too can join the fray. Moreover, Shiv Sena, NCP and DMK might possibly stay in the UPA camp unless Congress thinking of inducting TMC into UPA. Is it a united third front or TMC in UPA? Will Rahul Gandhi support Mamata Banerjee as a Prime Ministerial candidate?

Most importantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an unflinching leader. There is no one on the national level equal to his stature. Even if someone emerges now, they could probably have good prospects after 2034!

Now, the question is, are people outside West Bengal ready to accept Mamata Banerjee? Let us wait and watch!

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