3 things Khusbu Sundar Can Do to Raise the Face Value of BJP in Tamil Nadu

Khushbu Sundar’s induction is BJP is a surprise for Tamil Nadu. Here are 3 things which she can do to raise the party’s face value in the state

2020 is a year full of surprises. Well, I don’t have to tell you what all happened. But the most surprising event which caught my attention was Thousand Lights DMK MLA K K Selvam joining BJP. Well, we can say he wanted more power towards handling a district and hence he had to join BJP.

The surprise I ever had was, Khushbu Sundar joining BJP. If you were in Tamil Nadu, you would know how vocal she was in opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Right from the time she supported National Education Policy and till now, she did give jitters and surprised everyone earlier this month.

Her stint at AIADMK, DMK as well as Congress did invite a lot of attention. She represented DMK and Congress as Spokesperson in National television and widely campaigned within the state. Her defensive stance for the party she represents is commendable. At the same time, will that win some votes for BJP? Will she be the reason for BJP winning 10s of seats in Tamil Nadu? All of that is highly questionable. But she can definitely raise the face value of the party through some means.

Here are certain things which Khushbu Sundar can do to raise the face value of BJP in Tamil Nadu.

Defending BJP in Debates

Representation of a strong leadership at the state level is lacking in BJP as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned. In the recent times, several leaders within the BJP ranks have come forward to support them in debate shows. But they weren’t fruitful enough as they have been fighting giants on the opposite side. Khushbu’s presence in such debates will be a value addition as she is among the very few leaders who tend to make sense out of a debate.

Curbing the Anti-Hindi Myth

DMK’s strategy since the 1950s have remained on opposing Congress on thrusting Hindi among non-hindi speakers. Well, since then and till now, factually there is no case of thrusting anything. The funny part is, even Congress is beating the same drums as that of DMK.

As an able Hindi speaker, Khushbu could actually prove the opponents wrong and clear the myths on Hindi thrusting on Tamilians. As mentioned in the previous point, she can shut down criticism wisely with her subtle oratorical skills.

Attracting Audience with Wide Campaigns

Khushbu’s stint in AIADMK was short lived with Jayalalithaa expelling her for her infamous comment. Then her stint in DMK was a little bit comprehensive as she vouched for her party cadres and went on to speak on debates (in National Television). Then comes her stint in Congress which was much more fruitful in crowd pulling and her wider appearance in national debates as well as press meets. In rural and semi-rural regions at least, Khushbhu can draw audience for BJP which can raise their face value to some extent.

Well, the ultimate goal of inducing a star figure is to win trust, votes and ultimately a constituency. Can Khushbu help BJP win some constituencies in Tamil Nadu? Well, that can be said as time goes. On a positive note, Tamil Nadu BJP is getting proactive with activities at all ends. We believe these proactiveness can transform into rapid action and eventually result in representation at the state assembly.

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