Social Media Trends are an initiative to make accounts active: Navel Nazareth

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While we all are on social media, it is a constant struggle to determine our next post and to tackle this, the concept of trends emerged: Navel Nazareth.

While we all are on social media, it is a constant struggle to determine what we should post next. To tackle this misery and make more and more accounts active, the concept of trends was started by social media platforms. Social media plays a very important role in one’s life and in the past years of the pandemic, social media has been our go-to resource right from daily sources of entertainment to daily news.

Social media platforms help individuals connect with people from across the globe whilst sitting in the comfort of their own homes. It has always been a binding resource and has proven to be a  safe space for people. Thanks to the easy availability and accessibility to the internet, social media have now become an integral part of our life.

We all know that social media platforms’ biggest source of income is their Ads, and to get people to advertise on their platforms, they have to maintain their traffic. Trends have turned out to be one of their biggest strategies to give the users a sense of accomplishment by getting additional views due to the hashtag or audio being trending.  

The Niche concept of “trends” got more aggressive during the pandemic as everyone lived under Quarantine and was subconsciously enticed to “follow”. That’s when the term ‘trend’ got trendy and now we can’t survive on social media without trends. Nowadays, the algorithm of any social media platform is following what’s “trending” which has proved to be very helpful over a period of time to the audience.

Social media is very easily accessible to every individual. Companies have started investing a lot of their time and money in Moment Marketing, just to be benefited from “trending” topics. This has also led to increasing a content creator’s value in the market. GIFs and  Short videos popularly known as Reels are considered a new normal for every individual.

Trends such as #dontjudgemechallenge & #myglowup have tried breaking the stereotype that beauty isn’t subjective only on how we look on the outside and that we should be less judgemental about one’s outer appearances and see what’s on the inside. Hence while social media gives us a space to showcase ourselves online, trends have for sure helped in maintaining our posts and being visible to people beyond our reach.

Author – Navel Nazareth, Founder & Content Head, Neo Aeon Media Solutions LLP

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