What you Resist will Persist!

Resist Persist
What I never wanted to do once upon time in my life, became a necessity later on. Here are some of them

All my life this phrase mattered a lot to me and going forward, it might continue to be so. Whatever I thought I shouldn’t be doing, I was doing it quite often. There are several of such thoughts that I tried to resist but it ended up persisting. Here are some of them.

Pursuing Engineering

There are things that I can do and there are some which I could hardly. One such is Engineering. I always thought, my god. I cannot pursue a career in engineering. But I ended up doing a BE degree. I wasn’t so good though in studies. I found it harder than what I thought and still I managed to finish it (not very successfully though, but still I faired pretty well). But one thing was sure, Engineering is not my forte and I was pursuing a career in content since then.

Career in Finance

Next to engineering, finance is another stream which I thought is not my forte. But when I began my career as a Content person, I was working for RTT News India as an Equity Correspondent (in short, a Financial Journalist). Anyhow, my role was not very deep into finance, but it involved understanding stock markets and a company’s financial performance. Still, I never pursued it seriously. After two and a half years, I began taking different roles in content.

Boozing Resist

Well, if you ask my friends in school and college, they will say aversion towards boozing. But ask the ones around me now, they will have a different story to say. Unlike engineering and finance, I wish not to stop pursuing this. Yet, I’ll try to ensure it is occasional.

Wearing Jeans

This sounds weird, right? Once I was not at all feeling comfortable to wear Jeans. Whenever I wear one, I was whining about the fitting. Then my mom ensured I never wear one. Now, I only wear those wherever I go.

Therefore, what you resist will always persist is a phrase that made me think both positively as well as negatively. But on a brighter side, it has been positive. If you’re done with this, read my thoughts on Banganga.

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