Religious Missionaries encouraging anti-national thoughts in Tamil Nadu?

Some religious missionaries in Tamil Nadu are spearheading anti-national activities and our demeaning our statesman. Will they succeed in their mission?

A religious priest (from a minority religion) in Tamil Nadu was recently cursing Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. He said, “if the almighty exists, dogs and worms will feed on the corpse of Modi and Shah.” He didn’t stop there. He went on to demean Bharat Mata and Bhooma Devi.

Perhaps, I must not call him a priest. Because, a priest is a spiritual guru who preaches harmony, love, patience and resilience to all. Sadly, the person representing this religion has the guts to curse our statesman in a public forum. He is inciting anti-national thoughts and claims 100 percent conversion of the entire population soon.

This only means, Hindus are more tolerant. We have spiritual gurus who taught us the ultimate purpose of human life. Moreover, tolerance is the most important life lesson. Just because we hate a particular religion, we do not curse them rather we embrace.

Why call it Anti-Nationalism?

Some of our readers are accusing me in fact, “aren’t you using this word anti-nationalism more?” If someone disrespects the land to which I belong and especially demean the mother of this land, I never shy away from raising the issue.

Because, if someone insults my nation, they disrespect my identity. When they question my ideology on nationalism, they try to seed secessionist tendencies in me. Hence, that is anti-nationalism.

Intellectual Blindfolding of Pro-Liberals

Pro-liberals come out saying that I’m Andh Bhakt. I rather pity them. Why? They are subject to intellectual blindfolding by these religious missionaries. The best example to quote, a pro-liberal youtuber claims, “according to a study, 98 percent of Indians say they did not convert to other religions. Therefore, religious conversion is a rare phenomenon in India.”

Yes, he is subject to intellectual blindfolding. The religious priest we mentioned above on record claims that their religion in the southern most tip of India is growing rapidly. Also, he said that 100 percent of the districts population will belong to their religion soon. Isn’t this religious conversion?

And these folks demean our culture. They attempt to set new societal standards and say, “our god asked us to wear suit, boot and embrace luxury.”

I wish Swami Vivekananda was alive now and is reiterating his golden words, “Character decides a gentleman in Indian culture.”

How religious missionaries are spreading Anti-National Thoughts?

Imagine you tell this to a person living in poverty. Will he not want to wear a suit and boot? Hence, the person will embrace the religion and will accept the pennies they pay him to act against anyone quite loyally. This loyalty is for everything and that is anti-nationalism too.

This is how religious missionaries are taking forward anti-national activities in India. We can identify them quite easily because this religion is way too vehement towards the Prime Minister since the FCRA act came into place. This fear exposes them and their activities. Their desperateness is making them do mistakes and their foreign employers are losing hope on them.

Neither this Nation nor its Culture Falls Apart

One can demean Indian culture. And they can question our relevance in a modern era. But remember, resilience is the spirit of Indian culture. However uncertain it gets, for generations together this culture stood apart and will continue to. It is still relevant because of the unflinching faith of the population. Yes, there are languages and dialects that divide us. But, our spirit and resilience remains the same.

Most importantly, keep saying Jai Hind! that phrase alone will scare these anti-nationals.

Keep watching this space for more news on anti-national activities of religious missionaries.

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