Reasons why Amnesty’s Pegasus Spyware Claim is a Hoax!

Amnesty accused NSO of spying smartphones of journalists and activists to silence them with Pegasus Spyware. Here are reasons why it is a hoax.

Amnesty International made a tall claim on 18 July 2021. Reportedly, Israel’s NSO is using the Pegasus Spyware as a weapon of choice to silence the ones criticizing governments. Reportedly, this Pegasus Project is a collaboration between Forbidden Stories in Paris and Amnesty (as a technical partner). Amnesty claims to have done cutting edge forensic tests in order to identify the potential existence of a Spyware.

While 11 countries are reportedly in the radar, the entire world is more keen on India and the alleged 40 journalists. Amnesty also claims that NSO’s Pegasus Spyware is for sale to government entities only. Hence, some of our pseudo journalists were quick enough to blame Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government.

Also, our erstwhile opposition leader cites a UK media house reporting on possible hacking of his phone. But, why the government needs a spyware from Israel? In fact, our intelligence bureau is sufficient to track the anti-national activities of this person. Also, their political outfits’ toolkit are now public that hacking his/her phone is hardly essential.

Here are some reasons why it is a Hoax

No Official List

NSO Group has come out saying that there is no such attempt to track these individuals. Also, NSO claims that only state run law enforcement and intelligence agencies can avail it. Also, they are asking Amnesty to come out with a list. Till now, Amnesty did not give a proper list of individuals i.e., the 67 who are subject to this spyware attack.

Why no Senior Journalists & Activists in the List

According to a digital publication report, a reporter who is more or less insignificant is under the radar. Also, the founder of the same publication is under the radar too. But, we have a leading newspaper that is openly supporting the Communist Party of China. And they defame India and its culture on every front possible. Why not take those senior journalists rather than these small scale folks?

If the Spyware tracks Terrorists, these folks are among them?

Amnesty claims that Pegasus Spyware is for state run intelligence agencies and authorities. In that case, the people in the radar must be monitored as their activities and their open support to such anti-national organizations are questionable to the nation’s integrity. The Indian cyber crime bureau must perform a forensic study on their digital assets. If at all they indulge in anti-national activities, reprimanding them is highly essential.

Opposition’s Foul Play Should Stop

Since the Indian Parliament commenced for the monsoon session, the opportunistic individuals are stalling progress of the nation. Reportedly, the government is planning to table 17 bills in the parliament during this period. If opposition is keen on stalling these bills with petty issues like these, then the nation will never progress.

One might like or dislike Narendra Modi and BJP, but one cannot deny the fact that several developmental activities have been taken forward in their regime. Similarly, we believe Government of India run by Modi will progress by taking forward these developmental measures diligently for the betterment of India and Indians.

Keep watching this space for more updates.

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