Ram – Arrival of the Archetypal Hero 

Dr Bhooma Chella Subramanian, a research scholar in archetypes says what makes Ram so special as a hero beyond Hindu faith.

22 January 2024 is a special occasion for every Hindu who for nearly 500 years were drenched in the sorrow of losing Ram Janmabhoomi to Muslim invaders. And a legal battle of more than 100 years to regain Ram’s rightful place. Therefore, the ceremony at Ayodhya today is more than a Diwali for the whole nation.

Dr Bhooma Chella Subramanian, a research scholar in archetypes, calls it a unique occasion and says what makes Ram so special as a hero. 

The below mentioned texts her thoughts on the historic event.

The ideal hero

It is a unique because it is Ram, the Archetypal hero who lived and has been directing the world till date on how to live an ideal life. An archetype is the product of our unconscious. A strong collective unconscious which drives the whole world today to celebrate the occasion as their house hold celebration. 

The inclusive leader

Ram is not a mere name, a metaphor, which represents an entire civilisation. He is the personified proof to make everyone understand how an individual shall raise to the level of God. A very strong conscious that propels each individual born in this country. 

A Suryavanshi prince, never breached the ethical boundaries, a dutiful son, devoted husband above all an inclusive leader. The lengendary and legal battles that were fought stands as the testimony to bring back the emperor to his capital. 

Inspiring beyond the faith

The resilience, patience and steadfastness are the product of this archetype which enables not only his followers but also others who are not part of this cultural setup. Arrival of Ram lalla is not the result of the victory against any belief but a revival and glory of the prototypal civilization which has been teaching the world how to lead a fulfilling life. 

Before judging him as a representative of a single belief, comprehend him as a holistic personality who has shown the world how to live and let live. Let the arrival of the archetypal hero bring back his archetypal empire back. 

Jai Shree Ram!

Author – Dr. Bhooma Chella Subramanian

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