Pragya Bhargav – Teenage Author with a natural eye for creativity

Pragya Bhargav, a curious child from a very early age is someone born with a natural creativity. Here is a glimpse of her creative work.

An extremely curious child from a very early age, Pragya Bhargav of Lancer’s Convent School, Prashant Vihar, Delhi, would shower her parents with why and how of everything.  She was never sent to a play school, as her mother believed that the rigour and pressure of schooling and learning curbs a child’s creativity. Instead, she nurtured other hobbies such as dancing etc. This actually helped Pragya to develop imagination.  To the surprise of her teachers in the primary school, she picked up concepts really fast.

As a small girl of three, she would spin rhymes on anything and everything around her. It appeared as if sing-song came more naturally to her than simple prose. Even at school, she would never accept a rhyme as-is and would change it using her own imagination, leaving the teachers surprised as they marveled at her unique gift. She always thought out-of –the-box and tried to innovate her ways to do things.

Pragya has an astounding memory and can learn large pieces of text and information within minutes She holds world ranking (6th rank worldwide) in life skill Olympiad. She likes to read fantasy and science fiction stuffs and is passionate about space and black holes. She has extensive knowledge of space science and her dream is to become a Astrophysicist to do more research on black hole and find it’s truth. 

As she entered her middle school, her passion further grew, and she started writing short stories and fiction novels. She likes to talk, write, and explore on space science and what’s lies beneath. Her imagination is beyond a normal person thinking as it is evident with the way she expresses her thoughts in her writing. During COVID-19 times, she managed to take passion and had written another book on Rhymes and this time it was on Space and it’s heavenly bodies. It had a collection 30 fiction-based rhymes which talks about her imagination and truth about space. The book is yet to be published. 

During her middle school, she has won many accolades in Inter-school and Zonal level competition on Declamation (Zonal 3rd Prize), Essay Writing (District Level 1st Prize). She is taking her passion of writing to next level with two more books published in the current year. She has recently published a short story for her school competition with the title “The Game of the Undead” for Budding author and is published on Story Weaver. 

The recent one is a full-fledged book based on science fiction and time travel. It is already winning accolades all across and is published on Bri-Books with the name “Prophecy Quest”. The book has 7 Chapters with spine thrilling adventure and fantasy which you have never imagined. 

At the age of 13 she’s now taking story telling sessions online with kids and teens from the age of 2 to 16. These sessions are in collaboration with online platforms and her own too. Along with storytelling telling she also takes experimental learning based session under STEM education along with her mother Mrs Sapna Bhagwat under the organization TrailBlazer.

Pragya would not like to restrict herself to fiction writing but take this approach as a steppingstone for her journey to become a space scientist. She is trying to bring science in everything she does. She likes to learn by experiment. 

With all hope and positivity around her, she is paving her way forward and learning as she grows. Her aim in life is to learn from her surroundings, people and make her own way. She may not be studious and may not be a book worm, but what she is a natural person who loves life and learns from each aspect and element from this world. 

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