The Power of your Vote | Slender Victory Margins

In a democratic country like ours, every single vote counts and in this blog we give classic examples of slender victory margins.

In a few hours voting is all set to begin in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in single phase followed by the last phase in Assam and the third phase in West Bengal. I tend to talk more on the perspective of Tamil Nadu because I understand the scenario here in and out. Starting from 1952 and till now, the southern state has recorded an average polling percentage of 60-70 percent.

And, in the entire history of Tamil Nadu polling, surprises are always constant. We have seen candidates losing with a margin of few votes. It is valid to top leaders as well as the amateurs in the fray.

Well, like others I would also insist you to vote without fail. But I wish to go a step ahead than the rest and say why your single vote holds so much power. Here are slender victory margins that sealed the fate of elections.

Kattumannarkoil | 2016 Results

2016 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu changed the course of victory patterns since 1984. ADMK managed to retain power under Jayalalithaa’s leadership for the first time. But, ADMK managed to win only 136 seats and DMK even though lost the election, stood as a dominant opposition party.

Victory margins in many constituencies were in mere 100s and in Kattumannarkoil Dalit leader Thirumavalavan lost to the ADMK candidate – Murugumaran. And the victory margin was just 23!

Egmore | 2001 Results

Egmore is among the 16 assembly constituencies in the Chennai district. For long it has been a DMK fortress. In 2001, Parithi Ellamvazhuthi was then a star candidate of DMK. But, ADMK fielded their star candidate John Pandian against him. After rounds of leads from both the ends, the DMK star managed to win this seat with a margin of just 86 votes!

Cuddalore | 2001 Results

Cuddalore is an ADMK fortress in coastal Tamil Nadu. At the same time, Tamil Manila Congress led by G K Mooppanar went against Jayalalithaa in 1996 and was pretty successful in challenging ADMK in many constituencies. Even though ADMK won big in 2001, in some constituencies, Tamil Maanila Congress still had some backing and the 34 seats lead by E Pugazhendhi reflected that pretty well.

While, the margins are in two digits, it is visible that the runner ups stood a fair chance to win. Even though, the examples we presented did not effect the winning party largely, it does give a message that every single vote counts.

Do not forget to vote! After all, it is a luxury the common folks have in a democratic system.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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