PM Modi Security Breach | 5 Broader Level Points to Note

PM Modi Security Breach on the 5th of January is an unfortunate incident in a democratic nation. Thought Habitat presents you with five points to note on a broader level.

We all are aware that Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India was traveling to Ferozpur in Punjab on the 5th of January 2022. This was to inaugurate a memorial for freedom fighters. Also, to launch certain initiatives that are key to the state’s development. The rest is history.

As per reports, we come to know a group of protestors (allegedly farmers) block the way. Eventually, this led to the stranding of PM Modi’s convoy leading to 15 to 20 minutes of waiting time.

While the major points on the security breach are on discussion everywhere, Thought Habitat looks at the broader perspective. Yes, the closer we see we don’t get a vision. The moment we expand the horizon and connect similar happenings, we can see a larger conspiracy.

Threat from Religious Outfit

Sikhism is a religion that all of us admire and accept. Irrespective of we all being orthodox Hindus, we never miss an opportunity to visit Golden Temple while at Amritsar or wherever there is a Gurudwara.

Unlike the dominating religions, it is not destructive. But there is always a black mark that can cause trouble to the entire religion. However, we respect people’s wish of backing the Khalistani movement. It is an ideology that some feel must sustain for some reason or the other.

Yet, if the movement becomes a question of national security, swift action is inevitable. Allegedly, we come across a gaming video that depicts the Jan 5 scenario of bringing down the Prime Minister on his knees. In addition to this, a person with Khalistani allegiance is seemed to have posted a video to mobilize the Khalistani supporters.

All these point out to just one fact i.e., terror elements in the peaceful state of Punjab are gearing up to cause more chaos during elections.

Protests Instigated by External Forces

Whenever an agitation happens, a host of celebrities come forward to show their support. Well, until CAA Protests we thought it is only the Bollywood fraternity that is indulging in all these. But during the farmers’ protest, out of nowhere, we saw folks like Rihanna supporting them.

Does Rihanna understand all this first of all? Was she even aware farmers of which state are protesting? Well, there is ample information available in the public domain. Anyone can become an expert if the person has quick reading abilities.

But the question here is, where were all these when a poor girl – Nirbhaya was brutally raped and killed? Even Nirbhaya is an exception for the national attention she received. What about other girls who are even today at risk? Did Rihanna do something for the girls who are victims of the sex trade?

Coming to the present-day scenario, even after repealing all the three farm laws some folks are still protesting. Why? Does it mean we go to the level of causing harm to his life? Most importantly, they don’t have respect for the post of Prime Minister? Aren’t they aware this might cause long-lasting chaos in the country?

If they are aware of all this, then possibly they are the agents of external forces who work only to shun India’s growth.

Desperate Attempt of a Political Outfit

The ruling party in the state Punjab reportedly informed the protestors as claimed by the union leader of BKU and a group of protestors. While the state government continues to say that PM Modi traveling by road was not informed to them. Well, nothing happened to the Prime Minister. But, he was definitely at risk.

Right after the incident, we had some leaders who did express their anguish. On the other hand, we had some who were mocking the incident. One said, “Even I wait in traffic for 15 minutes everyday.” And the other asking, “Modiji, How is the Josh?” Some went on to say, the organized program did not see enough footfall and hence PM Modi decided to return.

These comments in fact testify to the crime committed by the so-called political outfit as they seem to relish this incident. Therefore, it is nothing but a desperate attempt to break the country as they do not have the capacity to win the trust of the entire population.

A Reformative Indian Prime Minister is a Threat to Many

A reformative Indian Prime Minister is always a threat to the external forces who wish to shun India’s growth. In the past, it was Indira Gandhi, who despite all the shortcomings did contribute a lot to the country. In the end, she was brutally shot by her own guards.

Lal Bahadur Shastri is another example. The country’s second Prime Minister gave a fitting reply to a provocative neighboring country and made way for developmental activities. Yet, he died in mysterious conditions in Tashkent.

Rajiv Gandhi was another person who came up with a developmental agenda. Most importantly, he wished to stop the human rights crime of a terror outfit in a neighbouring country and faced a brutal death.

With all this, comes our next Prime Minister who is taking India on a growth trajectory. He ensures every nook and corner of the country is getting all essential utilities. Moreover, the country is gaining a respectable status on the global map. And he gives a fitting reply to all provocative neighbors as and when required.

He is the Prime Minister for the second time because people could witness growth. Hence, he is a threat to all vicious external forces and traitors living within.

National Security Compromise is Due to Internal Threats

Reportedly, someone in the state government apprising the protestors of the Prime Minister’s convoy traveling by road is a security breach caused by internal threats. Yes, a Prime Minister waiting in open for 20 minutes as a sitting duck is a national security threat.

If an unforeseen event had happened, the country will witness an extraordinary law and order situation. In turn, they make way for communal violence, civil war, and forever chaos. This country will be a playground for external forces forever to loot.

Therefore, eliminating the internal threats that apprise the external forces is of utmost importance for the time being.

Why Protest Even After Repealing Farm Laws?

In the end of all, such incidents are a threat to national security and peace. Why? In turn, they make way for communal violence, civil war, and forever chaos. Punjab is a land of valour. Even today, we see the bloodstains of our beloved freedom fighters on this land.

We cannot afford to lose a Prime Minister and allow chaos to erupt in this state due to misinformation caused by certain political outfits. Day and night, our soldiers are guarding us against external forces in harsh weather conditions. However, the imminent threats from internal agents in the form of misinformation are a cause of concern.

We believe, such an incident will never occur in the future!

Jai Hind!

Keep reading this space for more such updates.

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