Pacific Mall’s ‘Pledge to Vaccinate’ I-Day Decor motivates citizens to take the jab

Pacific Mall Tagore Garden decor in the mall’s central lobby is an ‘Ashok Chakra’ with the spokes made of vaccines and tricolour.

Pacific Mall Tagore Garden, Delhi’s most admired shopping destination, is set to be the flag bearer for one of the most crucial global concerns in the present times-‘Vaccination’. The décor in the mall’s central lobby is an ‘Ashok Chakra’ with the spokes made of vaccines and tricolour represented via three fists to signify the resolution for vaccination against the pandemic.

Before reopening their doors, the mall’s staff was vaccinated to create a safer environment for the visitors. Apart from the innovative and thoughtful decor, Pacific Mall also hosts a drive-through vaccination in their parking premises.

This drive is being organized in association with Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, and more than 6000 people have been safely Vaccinated in their vehicles.

Elaborating on the decor theme and mall’s efforts towards vaccination, Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group, said, “It is crucial to increase awareness about getting vaccinated. Each vaccinated individual is less likely to be a carrier or spreader of the infection, which is the need of the hour. Thereby, organizing this vaccination drive-through and putting up symbolic Independence Day decor is our contribution towards the betterment of society and preventing people from infection.”

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