Countries Not Affected Due to Coronavirus

Well, these are not affected due to Coronavirus. Therefore, they can become possible tourist destinations after the pandemic.

People in Iran, Italy, Spain, France, UK, USA and India are concerned about the COVID-19 situation in their countries. The good part is, foreign travel or working abroad will be thought twice from now on. In the meantime, some countries are not at all affected due to Coronavirus. We can say they never tested or on the contrary, their connection to the outside world is pretty less.


All world countries keep telling Turkmenistan is hiding the truth which can be true as well. Anyhow, people in this country are roaming around happily with no regrets. Their recent World Health Day cycle rally is the best example. But let us wait and see what happens in the coming days.


Another country which is getting a big recognition in terms of hiding cases. Surprisingly, their recent football tournament shows how much affected they weren’t. Anyway, some media reports have said they are hiding deaths and so on. The truth will unfold in the coming days.


The island nation which went to polls recently and saw mixed results for all the sitting MPs. Some experts predict this country can get wiped off the global map. Located in the Central Pacific Ocean, this Island country has less contact with the outside world. Probably, this is the only reason why there is no Corona spread here. Most probably, this scenario can change as well.


Comoros is located to the east of the African coast in the Indian Ocean. Like other countries mentioned above, they are probably not aware of the pandemic spreading. Possibly, they have cases. Anyway, no reports of coronavirus death hiding ever arose in recent days. Therefore, we can say this is a zone that is not affected.

Unlikely, even India never had many cases before and now we have. These countries if they rapidly start testing, they also might actually have certain cases. Anyhow, with less connection to world nations. They are probably not affected. But if they are no cases, these are probably the right destinations to visit after lockdown. In the meantime, know What People Want to Do After Coronavirus Lockdown.

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