New Housing choices in New Normal: Dr. Rahul Chaudhary, Promoter, Sunworld Group

New Normal
As we are getting ready for a new normal, Dr Rahul Chaudhary, Promoter of Sunworld Group is predicting the housing choices for the same.

Good health is a state of complete harmony between body, mind and spirit. Its relevance has increased, especially when the world is going through a pandemic scare. People have become much more aware and are choosing a preventive approach to the smallest lifestyle choices. The trend of being health and wellness conscious is fast gaining pace among the house-hunters, who are looking for homes that provide them with a wholesome living experience.

While in the new normal, people have also adjusted to the fact that COVID is not getting over anytime sooner, there is a heightened inclination towards making the Post-COVID times secure by being better equipped to combat it. In this regard, the most pivotal point of change is one’s own home. Before COVID entered our lives, none of us could have ever imagined that our homes will overnight transform into fully-operational work spaces, recreational and entertainment spots, fitness and yoga areas etc.

Buyer-Developer Dynamic

The modified outlook of homes and the convenience of digital tools available for house-hunting has led to a transition in the mindset of home-buyers. It is visible in the pent-up demand of fence-sitters who were waiting for the right time but are now investing in homes. Additionally, festive offers, low home loan interest rates, tax rebate, the developers’ flexibility and lucrative offerings in terms of amenities as well as payment options are acting as the reinforcements from developers and authorities to drive the momentum in the residential segment. 

The new generation of buyers is more interested in customizing and decorating the interiors of their homes and are looking for thoughtfully designed spacious RTMI units. The buyers see a dual advantage in choosing RTMI units that have amenities which encourage good health and promote wholesome wellness in its inmates.

It is a get-what-you-see kind of deal, provides flexibility to homeowners for customization, saves them from the trouble of getting furnishing add-ons and no waiting period for getting complete possession of the unit. Smart and responsible developers must leverage this opportunity, and prepare plans on building such units or adding healthy amenities in their projects to attract buyers and initiate sales of their inventory. 

Wellness amenities in new normal

Integrated projects with yoga and meditation corners, parks, jogging tracks, fitness centres, clubhouse and extra functional space inside homes to be modified into a workspace, unwinding corner for hobby etc, are increasingly becoming popular. Air purification system, waste management system, space for growing organic produce being some of the other common wellness-oriented facilities are also in demand by home-buyers. 

RTMI units also come with the added advantage of earning via rental incomes. Health & Wellness Homes developed with such a wide range of amenities in metro cities will be redefining the urban lifestyle standards. They will also open new grounds for developers to expand their offerings as per the customers’ preferences. Like every other business, real estate is also poised for a change that will be reforming its functioning in the long run.

Author – Dr. Rahul Chaudhary, Promoter, Sunworld Group

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