NEP adding more Initiatives to Improve the Quality of Education in India: Vivek K Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Careerera

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NEP is a groundbreaking initiative taken by the government to reimagine the future of education says Vivek K Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Careerera.

The government of India announced the National Education Policy on July 29, 2020. NEP is a groundbreaking initiative taken by the government to reimagine the future of education. This policy proposed that all components of the educational structure, as well as its regulation and governance, be revamped and revised in order to produce a system that is in line with the fundamental aims of 21st-century education.

Two years ago, a visionary education policy was launched under the leadership of the PM of India, with the aim to bring out the capabilities of every student, build capacities, universalize education and transform the learning landscape. The focus to make education affordable, holistic, accessible, and equitable is commendable.

Last year, the PM of India announced to launch of multiple initiatives in the field of education. Such initiatives would prove to be a tremendous milestone in realizing many goals envisaged under the NEP.

Academic Bank of Credit

It will render multiple entry and exit options for students in higher education, enlightenment for internationalization of higher education, and first-year engineering programs in regional languages.

Meanwhile, other major initiatives that were announced are

  • Vidya Pravesh is a 3-month play-based preparation module for the students of Grade 1.
  • Indian sign language would be introduced as a subject at the secondary level.
  • Nishtha 2.0, is an integrated program designed by NCERT to train teachers.
  • Structured Assessment for Analyzing Learning Levels (SAFAL), an assessment framework based on competency in CBSE schools for Grades 3,5 and 8 
  • An Artificial Intelligence dedicated website.
  • The National Education Technology Forum (NETF) and the National Digital Education Architecture (NDEA)R were launched.

Tremendous efforts have been made by the government to spread the message of NEP effectively. A nationwide awareness has made NEP a more familiar concept that aims to transform India into an equitable and variant society. With the introduction of NEP, every child can constructively participate in the process of nation-building. It will improve performance, raise mathematical skills for everyone, take learners away from rote learning, create literary skills, emphasize computational skills, and many more.

There is a great need for a model that will reduce the risks of failure and increase the probability of success. Such initiatives will mark a prominent step towards the realization of the goals of the New Education policy. It will make India a vibrant knowledge academy.

Author – Vivek K Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Careerera

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