MultiFit grows its fitness community as more athletes join the fitness and wellness club

MultiFit recently celebrated the World Athletes Day to appreciate all athletes who are club members to encourage fitness as a habit.

MultiFit, a wellness club that is known for its holistic approach towards physical and mental well-being has grown as a community over the years. Over the period of time they have encouraged and inspired more people to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and today we see how much the fitness community has evolved.

While everyone’s journey towards fitness starts as a beginner, today MultiFit consists of individuals who identify as bodybuilders, athletes, professional fitness trainers, etc. 

The wellness club has been a pioneer in changing many people’s sedentary lifestyle by introducing effective and fun cross functional training, HIIT, endurance training, group sessions, MMA, calisthenics, and much more.

Today, MultiFit has a number of athletes as well who are a part of their community and swear by it. Recently, MultiFit celebrated  the World Athletes Day to appreciate all the athletes who are members of the club. 

It is no secret that this wellness club has been able to make a difference in lives of many people and several individuals who have made it big in fitness/sports give all credit to their trainers at MultiFit.

“I have always believed that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and that is something MultiFit and its trainers have also imbibed in them. Without the motivation and push required every now and then I would not have been able to achieve the titles I have so far”, says Saloni Avhad, MMA Fighter, Winner of 1st Maharashtra State sports MMA Championship.

While Saloni is just one of the many athletes who are a part of MultiFit, there are other sports champions too who believe that this wellness club has a lot to do with their success. 

Chetan Purabiya, a Powerlifter won the third position in Pune District Powerlifting Championship SENIOR (Maharashtra Powerlifting Association, Mumbai). He believes that, “Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life, and for me this is something that resonates with MultiFit as well. Just makes me love this place a little more.”

“MultiFit is a one stop destination for fitness and wellbeing. We are working towards our goal to create a healthier community and ensure that every individual enrolled with us gets the best of our services. MultiFit promotes financial independence as well through its program ‘Become a Trainer’ and other programs via the Lexicon Exercise and Science Academy (L.E.S.A). We provide an opportunity to individuals training with us to join us as trainers so that every athlete can concentrate on his performance and earn too. At MultiFit our approach towards health is comprehensive because we understand that a healthy body and healthy mind are the two phases of the same coin”, says Mr Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO- Lexicon group of Institutes, Multifit and Educrack.

As more and more aspiring individuals take a step towards fitness, Multifit is right there to help you along the way. Their trained professionals assist you with the right guidance and make the journey enjoyable and help you reach your fitness goals. 

Image by MCvec from Pixabay

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