Most Important Happenings in India in 2022

Here are some of the most important happenings in India throughout 2022 that made headlines despite missionaries attempting to flip the story around.

India, the world’s largest democracy and one of the super powers in the Asia Pacific regions is diverse and unique in nature. Here people of all religions claim to live in peace. On the other hand, it is also the playground for ideological, intellectual, and religious terrorism. Yes, people belonging to two major religions reportedly churn political scenarios to achieve their ultimate goals. Here are some of the most important happenings in India throughout 2022.

Threat to the Prime Minister’s Life

During the campaign trail for Punjab elections in the beginning of 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to visit Ferozpur to inaugurate certain projects and participate in a political rally. However, on his way a group of protestors blocked his convoy.

Reportedly for 15-20 minutes the convoy struck in a flyover and the Prime Minister’s life was at risk. Later on, Kisan Mazdoor Sangarsh Committee claimed to have staged the protest in a peaceful way. But, animation videos of assaulting Prime Minister was later revealed.

Karnataka Hijab Row and the Death of Harsha

On early February, Karnataka High Court ordered that wearing uniform in school or college is compulsory and offered no exception for wearing Hijab or any religious attire. This created chaos across the country. The judges who passed the verdict were offered Y-Category security after they received death threats.

In certain regions, public rallies and threatening speeches were made against the lawmakers. Harsha, a Hindu and a Bajrang Dal member was murdered in Shivamogga District of the state and various Hindus were subject to assault across the state by a minority religious mob.

Nupur Sharma’s Tweet and the Tailor Massacre in Rajasthan

Nupur Sharma, formerly one of the official spokespersons of BJP spoke about certain texts mentioned in the holybook of a minority religion. Post that several minority religious organizations and individuals filed FIRs against her.

Reportedly, Nupur Sharma received death and even rape threats. Nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Indonesia condemned the comment and the ruling party reprotedly had to expel Nupur Sharma. Ironically, Kanhaiya Lal Teli, a Hindu and a Tailor in Ajmer was massacred for supporting Nupur Sharma and her tweet.

Birbhum Holocaust

Bhadu Sheikh, a Trinamool Congress leader in Birbhum, West Bengal was reportedly killed by a mob and died due to the injuries. Post that, several houses in the village (Barshal) was set on fire leading to the immediate death of 12. Various political leaders condemned the incident and regarded West Bengal as a state with no law and order control.

Causing Chaos to Religious Sentiment in Ayodhya Mandapam, Chennai

Ayodhya Mandapam is a religious hall in Chennai that is meant for the purpose of sath-sang, bhajans and other religious activities performed by Hindus. The residents, members of Sri Ram Samaj, and like-minded Hindu activists protested against the move by the HR&CE department. Despite all the protest, the department took over and broke the religious sentiments of Hindus yet again.

The Kashmir Files Controversy

Kashmir Files is the first Indian movie that comprehensively covered the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, the movie faced enormous criticism, bashing, and boycott from religious militants. However, all those efforts of them were pretty sufficient to make it one of the high grossing movies of the year.

Death of Lavanya

Lavanya, a school girl in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu committed suicide due to the pressure of conversion that she and her family experienced from the school management. The school is run by a religious missionary that holds the record for maximum religious conversions in the country. Her suicide created ripple effects across India and revealed the modus operandi of the minority religious missionaries.

Shraddha Murder Case

Shraddha Walkar, a Hindu girl based out of Delhi was murdered and chopped off into pieces by one Aftab Poonawalla. Post arrest, the latter confessed to the crime and the case was solved. However, the minority propaganda machinery ensured presstitutes flip the story around and showcase it differently. Thanks to some good samaritans who bothered to reveal the truth.

As 2022 is coming to an end, let us look forward for peace and positivity as a new year dawns.

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