Key Points from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech in Chennai

Prime Minister
Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Chennai to inaugurate key government projects. His speech though might change political perception in the days ahead

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Chennai today to inaugurate some of the key projects. He then went on to address the gathering at Nehru Indoor Stadium in which he did make some key announcements. He invoked the sayings of Avvaiyar and Subramanya Bharathi.

Most importantly, he himself said those phrases in Tamil to entice the audience. In fact, the entire population of Tamil Nadu. His speech showcases the key measures taken by the central as well as state government.

Recognition to Devendra Vellalar Community

Devendra Vellalar Community is a dominant faction among the lower caste population in Southern Tamil Nadu. For long, they have been asking the government (both central and state) to recognize their caste as a separate identity. The parliament approving this bill and Modi announcing it the day after in the city is quite synonymous. Senior Journalists are already predicting a massive pro-BJP wave in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu, which constitutes a large population of this community.

Sri Lankan Tamils & No Fishermen Arrests

Union External Affairs Minister Jai Shankar has been visiting Sri Lanka quite often in the recent times. If speculations are true, the union government is insisting on offering equal rights to the minority Tamil community in the island nation.

Housing schemes, hospitals and other facilities for displaced Tamil population were among the key measures which the central government has offered. Well, all of these schemes does justify the Indian External Affairs Minister visting Sri Lanka.

Most importantly, the Prime Minister proudly said that he is first Indian Prime Minister to visit Jaffna. Also, the Prime Minister said that none of the Indian fishermen are now spending Jail term in Sri Lanka. Again, this is an issue which flies well with the fishermen community in the Southern coastal region.

Lauding Farmers of Tamil Nadu

Prime Minister Modi lauded Tamil Nadu farmers for record food grain production and good use of water resources. His mention on Grand Anaicut and the irrigation system for almost 1000 years was pretty impressive as no other national leader went specific with his/her mentions. Moreover, he called the Grand Anaicut scheme as an inspiration to the goal of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Even though, this is a launch of government scheme, Modi has made a political master stroke. The DMK alliance which is now holding the mantle of perception games in Tamil Nadu seems to be losing the sheen.

The mega push of Southern districts might inflict a pro-BJP wave in the coming days. If the rumours are to be believed, a dormant Modi wave does exist in Southern districts such as Kanyakumari, Virudhunagar and Tirunelveli. The state leadership is sluggish enough to arouse the dormant volcano to its benefit. But, this visit of Modi might definitely bring a grand change in political perception and offer a winning edge to the ADMK alliance.

Image by sandeep darji from Pixabay

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