Increasing pollution levels in Gurugram, need immediate attention and proactive Mitigation – Sharad Goel

Increasing pollution is a major concern. Gurugram and its residents will soon face the ill effects if proactive mitigation is not taken, says Sharad Goel.

The millenium city of Gurugram everyday has been registering increasing pollution levels. In order to reduce the contamination levels, appropriate mitigating measures are required to be taken up by city administration, social organizations and the residents of city”, said Sharad Goel, President, Nature International and a social worker.

He further added that it is our utmost duty as well to keep the environment around us clean and not just the authorities. The activities which must be kept in check are waste burning and dust producing processes. As the increasing pollution levels are severely affecting our well-being and regular lives.

It is examined that the air pollution levels have seen an increase in the last few days due to change in weather and stubble burning in the city. Also population levels have been fluctuating between moderate and very poor across the region.

However, behind the shine and glitter lies an ailing population. Soaring levels of air pollution in the city have become a serious threat to human health which now makes Gurugram residents to adopt lifestyles and perpetuate practices to make the thing under control.

The increasing pollution levels are also responsible for raising heart risks, lung-related illness and even eye sight problems among the Gurugram residents. In order to keep the environment deterioration in control, there is a need to organize more and more planting drives. We are all aware about the crucial role greenery and cleaner air plays for the mankind.

Trees are the embodiment of nurturing a healthy lifestyle, they are sources of food, air and also hold medicinal value. Thereby, it is important for all of us to abide by the laws of nature, promote afforestation and take care of them for our own good.

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