Gaana & Pratilipi Set To Promote Emerging Female Podcasters Across India

Gaana partners with the country’s largest digital literature platform, Pratilipi to create, adapt & produce 3 audio shows based on Pratilipi’s content.

Gaana, has partnered with the country’s largest digital literature platform, Pratilipi to create, adapt & produce 3 audio shows based on Pratilipi’s most popular content. This partnership comes at the time when online consumption of both audio and written content has shot up, and with this tie-up, Pratilipi and Gaana aims to bring engaging, high quality literary content to a vast and enthusiastic audience. 

The three stories that are set to be adapted and hosted on Gaana are by women writers, a segment that make up 55% of Pratilipi’s over 3.6 lakh writers across India. The writers include Varsha Srivastava, a homemaker from Raipur whose story ‘Mere Samne Wali Khidki‘, a romantic supernatural horror has garnered 25 Lakh reads; Santosh Srivastava’s ‘Malavgarh Ki Malvika‘, a women-centric social drama set during the partition time; and Dr Purnima Bannerjee’s romantic drama ‘Behad’. 

Shubham Sharma, Head of IP Development at Pratilipi, says, “We are thrilled to announce this licensing deal with Gaana. There is immense storytelling talent in India, across regions and languages and are happy to help such writers find an expression with a fanbase. With such licensing deals, these writers are now establishing themselves as well-known names and developing successful writing careers. With the audio adaptations, we are super excited to see these story worlds opening up to Gaana’s massive and diverse user base.“ 

The licensing deal with Gaana is a key step towards Pratilipi’s vision to democratize story-telling across languages and formats. Through their efforts to develop licensing deals with established publishers, content producers, and studios Pratilipi is offering new opportunities to both their writer community and the licensing partners. 

Speaking on the partnership announcement with Pratilipi, Vivek Pandey, COO – Gaana said, “Shows & Podcasts have the potential to be among the most popular mainstream non-music genres in our country owing to the diversity of our audience. At Gaana, we have been investing steadily in this space, and have now taken it up a notch with our Original Shows & Podcasts over the past year and a half. Our partnership with Pratilipi is a step towards promoting strong female voices with diverse perspectives in the podcasting space. Based on existing literature, the content is scripted specifically for audio, presenting a series of episodes in a narrative format. We are confident this would serve to rekindle the love for stories and storytelling for hundreds of thousands of consumers across India.” 

Gaana currently hosts over 30,000 diverse shows & podcasts spanning 21 categories like Comedy, Bollywood, Devotional, News, Kids, Motivational, Astrology, Business, Lifestyle & Culture and Self Help among others. 

Image by André Santana AndreMS from Pixabay

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