Emerging Female Entrepreneurs in India

On the occasion of Women Entrepreneurship Day, Thought Habitat presents female entrepreneurs who are setting new benchmarks in the world of business.

Navigating uncharted territories and growing modern ideas, the women of India are spearheading the sector of Business like never before. Smashing all the challenges and setting an example for millions of girls out there the journey has never been easy, indeed. On the occasion of Women Entrepreneurship Day, Thought Habitat presents female entrepreneurs who are setting new benchmarks in the world of business.

Priyanka Chaudhary Raina, Co-Founder, Maate

In securing a new position, Mrs Priyanka Raina is the new face of the list. Co-Founder of ‘maate’, her company is known for its high quality and chemical-free baby range products. Inspired by Ayurveda the products are suitable for the modern-day environment.

A former banker and engineer by profession, Mrs Raina is the key management driver, idea formulator and executor. Combined with goodwill and perfection her company – Maate is focused on efficacy more than cosmetic allure. The inception of her project started in 2019 and is purely known to be homegrown, right from packaging to product. Apart from the brand ‘maate’, she is also the founder of the ‘Gracia Raina Foundation’ which works for women’s welfare in the country.

Since its establishment in 2019, the journey of ‘maate’ has been nothing less than remarkable and has seen major growth in 2022-23. Compared to 2019 the brand has created its name for its sustainable and toxin-free products while collecting double the revenue.

Aashka Goradia Goble, Director and Co-founder of RENÉE Cosmetics

After spending a golden time in the entertainment industry and joining the entrepreneurial world, Aashka Goradia Goble is another inspiring female entrepreneur from India. Director and Co-founder of RENÉE Cosmetics, Ms. Goradia has successfully created her presence in the cosmetic industry. She had gained recognition and honour from various accolades who have recognized her incredible skills and talent. Recently her company is known to have raised $10 million that they plan to use for strengthening their brand.

Ruchi Deepak, Co-Founder of Acko Insurance

Always enterprising and not averse to risk-taking, Co-founder of Acko Insurance, Ruchi Deepak initiated her start-up journey in 2016 onwards. Completing her bachelors from Lady Sri Ram College of Delhi, Ruchi had always hoped for started something of her own.

As India’s first digital insurance company – Acko Insurance is currently the fastest-growing insurance company in the world. With a total of $450 million in funding to date, the company is designed to provide a better customer experience and offer a seamless process that requires zero paperwork.

Hence, these are some of the inspiring female names making a mark in the business world and striving to create a more balanced and positive shift in women’s entrepreneurship in the nation. May their reigns continue for long.

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