Attempt to Eliminate Brahmins from Temple Priesthood is a Human Rights Crime

Appointment of non-brahmin temple priests is actively happening in Tamil Nadu. With this, Brahmins could go jobless soon. Isn’t it a human rights crime?

Tamil Nadu is keenly focusing on appointing non-brahmins as temple priests. But, the government and its political affiliation claims it as equality. Unfortunately, equality by oppressing the Brahmins is nothing but hatred spreading. With all this we can say, the 100 year old anti-brahminism movement in Tamil Nadu is active yet again.

Earlier, we mentioned in our blog that a Brahmin in Tamil Nadu will soon have the fate of a Kashmiri Pandit. As predicted, it is happening now. Brahmins will soon face exodus or mass massacre in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Here are the possible effects of the recent Anti-Brahminism Drive in Tamil Nadu

Brahmin Priests Losing a Regular Income?

Brahmins and priesthood go hand in hand. Especially, the Brahmins who live in their villages wish to take priesthood. And Brahmins live around the temple premises in these villages. But the disturbing fact is, now the government wants to appoint non-brahmins too. This means, a Brahmin priest will be the Chief and his assistant a non-brahmin.

A famous temple in Tamil Nadu is among the first to see appointment of non-brahmins as temple priests. This experienced temple priests (Brahmins) will go jobless in the coming days. While they are dependent on the income they earn as monthly salary from this job, appointing a non-brahmin will mean the experienced guy will soon go jobless. And his family suffers from starvation.

Loss of Cultural Ethos?

Performing rituals in temples are as per Agama Shastra. For long, the priest appointments are as per the same. Well, this is like Muslims following Sharia Law and Christians following their holy book. It is to ensure the cultural sanctity is intact. Well, then why can’t Hindus follow it? This only means, some elements are looking to eradicate the cultural ethos of Hinduism.

Weak Brahmins = Weak Hinduism?

Kashmiri Pandits fled their homes in Kashmir and settled elsewhere. Through this, Muslim domination grew widely in Kashmir. Apart from Vaishno Devi, are we aware of any temple in Kashmir now? Martand Sun Temple does exist, but is it functional? It is rather in shambles.

Similarly, driving Brahmins away from temples is equal to weakening Hinduism. The elements who wish to bring in non-brahmins as temple priests are possibly attempting to divide and rule Hinduism.

Isn’t it Human Rights Violation?

Forget cultural ethos and weakening a religion. A person is doing a job and earning something for his livelihood. A part of the community, which is just 2-3 percent of the entire state population is doing the same. In that scenario, attempting to replace the particular community is nothing but a Human Rights Crime. So by denying a livelihood to them, there is a possible attempt of making them die out of starvation.

This is not going to stop anytime sooner. Neither does the so called national leaders bother to talk about it. This community must either flee or die. This is the message we are getting from the elements who wish to eradicate Hinduism. Remember, Brahmins are seen as the custodians of Hinduism. By eliminating this community, the cultural ethos will never exist and the religion will fall.

P.S.- Non-brahmins are priests in several temples since time immemorial. Therefore, there is no need to stress on the importance of appointing non-brahmins in temples.

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