Content writing trends for 2024

Content Writing
The future looks bright for Content Writing and here are trends that every Content Writer is anticipating for 2024.

Content Writing is now gradually evolving into a key aspect of marketing. Since the pandemic, the need for content writers have shot up and the exodus continues even today. The advent of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools is said to have threatened the mere existence of Content Writers. On the contrary, it is making way for quantitative content generation seamlessly that would involve the existing content writers. With all these aspects, the future looks bright for Content Writing and here are trends that every Content Writer is anticipating for 2024.

Increased use of AI tools

ChatGPT became the default tool for Content Writers in 2023. On the other hand, several content writers were gripped by the fear of losing their job too due to ChatGPT. Nevertheless, the tool proved to be useful for Content Writers and Marketers. Therefore, the coming year will witness increased use of AI based tools like ChatGPT among Content Writers. Also, Reliance’s Bharat GPT, Ola’s Krutrim are some of the Made in India platforms that will make rounds during 2024.

Human touch is of paramount importance

Even though ChatGPT is capable of generating content quickly, there is nothing like a piece of content written by a human. Especially, when it comes to expert written articles/blogs, ChatGPT is of no match to human touch. Therefore, the increased demand for humanized content will be the top most priority for marketers in 2024.

Measuring content performance

Generation of content is an art. While brand awareness or audience nurturing is the ultimate goal, measuring performance of the content is a need which is hardly addressed. Therefore, a framework for measuring Content Writing will be setup in 2024.

More video based content generation

Video based content accounts for larger engagement for brands in both B2B and B2C space. The past few years saw the rise of short form of video content. In 2024, we will have to wait and see whether long form or short form of videos will take the centre stage.

In conclusion

Content Writing is one field that has been constantly evolving. And at a time when the need for Content Writers are high, we will have to wait and see how these trends shape up and push Content Writing forward.

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