BJP is Responsible for the Violence & Cultural Genocide on Hindus

Anti-nationals in India are abruptly committing human rights crimes on Hindus. Yet, BJP which projected itself as the voice of Hindu Nationalists isn’t proactive on protecting the rights of Hindus & that’s why BJP is to be held responsible for the violence and cultural genocide on Hindus.

Even after Ram Navami, the country is continuing to witness horrible violence on Hindus. In JNU, we did see the horrible violence on Hindu students. Then, we did see stone pelting on Ram Navami processions in Madhya Pradesh and other states. In Tamil Nadu, HR&CE board took over Ayodhya Mandapam, a hot spot of Hindu religious activities in Chennai. Despite 100s of Hindus fighting for it, the HR&CE board forcibly took over and even demolished some sacred structures. Added to all this, we did see the ultimate holocaust incident in West Bengal (Birbhum Violence).

Precisely, certain Muslim outfits and anti-nationals across the nation are breaking the law, and indulging in abrupt human rights crime. However, the BJP government in the centre is still dealing them with a soft hand. That’s the reason why we say the ruling BJP is responsible for this violence and cultural genocide on Hindus.

Busy Appeasing Minorities & Leaders with No Ideological Inclination

A tweet by Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai wishing Muslims on the occasion of Ramzan did make rounds in all community platforms. Well, we are not against any religion or their practices, but the same person did not bother wishing Hindus and talking about Ram Navami the same way.

In fact, minorities hardly vote for BJP. Yet, like every other political party BJP is keen on appeasing them in all ways possible. This seems to be the case with every other BJP leader in Tamil Nadu. Except for a few leaders who are keen on the ideology and nation building, most of them are in the party just for the sake of their personal goals.

Delayed Justice & Zero Action for Hindus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did have all the time to talk about The Kashmir Files. However, he did not bother about the delayed justice Kashmiri Pandits are facing. On the wake of all this, there is an ongoing cultural genocide in various parts of the country.

Our responsible journalists will hardly note these aspects as their inclination is obviously anti-national. And our administrator’s blind eye towards all this is pretty frivolous. We did not except this from Congress or Aam Aadmi Party or Trinamool Congress, but we expect some action from BJP. Why? Because majority of Hindus voted them to power. If they do not indulge in 100 percent action a Hindu consolidation will never happen.

If inaction is their Pursuit, Why BJP?

Congress was voted out of power due to its inaction in various fronts. Even though, we question their ideological pursuits, they did take a stand (against Hindus) in certain issues. However, BJP was seen as a saviour and Modi as an agile administrator.

But if Modi is more keen on appeasing minorities and breaking the hopes of Hindus who are seeking justice, then we don’t need him anymore. We all will continue living in a country where demolishing and looting of our temples are frequent. And a country where Hindu customs and ideologies are ridiculed and disrespected. Most importantly, a country where we all will be forced to Convert, Flee or Die.

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