AWS InCommunities to improve education, sustainability, and community well-being in Shabad

AWS InCommunities celebrates the renovated dining hall at Telangana State Model School.
AWS helps renovate residential school, plans to develop 50 farm ponds to help the local community in Shabad under InCommunities initiative.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) said that it has completed the renovation and beautification of the Telangana State Model School (TSMS) at Shabad in the Rangareddy district in Telangana as part of its AWS InCommunities program, which aims to make a positive impact to communities, especially in regions where AWS operates.

The renovated building was inaugurated on December 14, 2023 in the presence of dignitaries including Ch. Ramana Kumar, Additional Director, Telangana State Model School; P. Suseendra Rao, District Educational Officer, Ranga Reddy District; V L Anuradha, Mandal Parishad Development Officer; and Kerry Person, Vice President, Data Centre Planning and Delivery, AWS.

The renovation at TSMS includes electrical, plumbing and civil work undertaken to improve the school infrastructure and create a comfortable space for the students and staff. The school walls have been decorated with colourful, interactive, localised murals to provide friendly learning spaces for children, and the school now also features a renovated library, and new furniture in the classrooms.

About 800 students from approximately 20 nearby villages study at the Telangana State Model School (TSMS) at Shabad, and reside on campus. AWS has been associated with this school since the launch of the AWS Think Big Spaces program there earlier this year. The AWS Think Big Spaces program is focused on enabling students to cultivate an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines.

P. Suseendra Rao, District Educational Officer, Ranga Reddy District, said, “It is heartening to see how organisations such as AWS are committed to improving school infrastructure and providing education curriculum. Such initiatives will instill confidence among students and parents in formal education, and importantly, spark interest and curiosity among students in science, technology, arts, and mathematics. With the AWS Think Big Spaces program, the Telangana State Model School at Shabad has an excellent opportunity to maximise learning outcomes and empower the children to build a bright future.”

AWS collaborated with SEARCH, a nonprofit organisation to undertake the school renovation. Besides this, AWS and SEARCH are also working together to undertake the construction of 50 farm ponds in the Shabad mandal. SEARCH will undertake a detailed community engagement process to ensure that the farm ponds are implemented in a way that maximizes the benefit to the villagers. Once completed, the farm ponds will help recharge groundwater, and increase the water available to the community, helping villagers utilize rainwater for agricultural purposes.

Collectively, these two new initiatives by AWS will help contribute to improving education, environmental sustainability, community well-being, and infrastructure development in Shabad. These new initiatives as part of the AWS InCommunities program in Telangana add to the multiple initiatives already undertaken by AWS in the state’s Rangareddy district, such as the renovation of government schools, Anganwadi centers (rural child care center), and healthcare centers and hospitals, and the launch of AWS Think Big Spaces in multiple parts of the district including Nednur, Meerkhanpet, and Kandukur mandals.

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