2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections | 3 Personalities who could be Game Changers

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2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections is nearing and it’s getting interesting as it should be. Here are three personalities who could be game changers.

Well, the most happening election is round the corner. Unlike the last election or the previous ones, there is void in both AIADMK and DMK. Yes, I’m talking about Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi. I just cannot imagine an election in the state without both of them throwing tantrums on each other.

Anyhow, the recent happenings in the state is bringing back the similar vibes to an extent. And these happenings are putting an end to long standing speculations. In addition to that, some old big guns are ready to make a mark yet again. In between all this, a communal force is believed to influence a religious vote base.

Here are three people who are all set to change the dynamics of Tamil Nadu politics in the upcoming 2021 Assembly Elections.


Since the 1990s, the superstar of Kollywood kept reiterating on his political entry. Yet, he never took the move which he did on 03 December 2020. Yes, he confirmed his foray into politics. Still, the party name followed by his affinity towards any alliance remains a suspense. If the speculations are right, through his political party, he is to campaign for the victory of NDA in this election. But the situation could go the other way as well. Let us wait till January 2021 as the superstar comes with a plan.

M K Alagiri

If any of you were watching Tamil Nadu politics from 2000 and till now, you will know the role of M K Alagiri. The trouble making elder son of the former DMK Supremo was responsible for DMK’s foray into Southern Tamil Nadu in 2006 Assembly and 2009 General Elections. He was seen more like a mafia gang leader threatening people to vote for DMK.

But destiny had other plans. The internal conflicts within the family and his rise in the party kept him away from Politics so far. Now, his hints of a comeback either with his own party or as a part of BJP could turn the table around for the saffron party significantly.

Asaduddin Owaisi

The islamic clan of India sees his as the saviour of muslims. His recent foray into Bihar polls did raise a lot of eyebrows. The muslim vote bank which the Mahagathbandhan banked upon slightly split and drifted towards AIMIM. Eventually, the Mahagathbandhan fell short of majority. Addressing the media after poll results, he apprised that his party will set foot in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Again, if he is to make that Bihar impact, the prospects of Congress and DMK winning could go for a toss.

Well, the 2019 General Elections wasn’t so interesting to watch as the winners were predictable since the beginning. On the contrary, with such interesting personalities setting their foot for the Assembly elections, there are more unpredictable twists and turns. Keep checking our Elections page for more such updates.

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