Want to start your own startup in 2021? Keep these 5 things in mind before leaving your job: Shivam Soni

Shivam Soni, the Founder and CEO of BeYoung Folks Private Limited has advice for everyone who are quit their job for their startup dreams in 2021.

Entrepreneurship is a journey where you have to decide a new destination every day. It does not happen overnight. It requires patience, hard work, and an unshakable belief in your vision. Everyone has a startup idea but those who execute are the real winners.

Entrepreneurship is not about quitting a 9-5 job and become a boss it is an everyday hustle where you are on a duty 24×7. The journey of every entrepreneur is different but what stays common is that they all start with observing a common problem face by society. After which they find the possible solutions to it.

And this journey is all about how you serve people in the best possible way with your solution. If you have decided to quit your job and get on this amazing journey these four things will help you achieve your goal.

It all starts with identifying the idea and taking the leap of faith

Nothing can stop you if you have got your own back. If you believe your idea can serve some purpose of society you are on the right path my dear friend. If the idea of facing a new challenge excites you every day rather than doing a regular job, you are good to go. It all starts with observing the market opportunities and taking the first-mover advantage.

A team is nothing less but an army to your world of startup

When you are starting, it is equally important for your team to understand your long-term vision. Partner/ your team is as important as you are. It is very important to first analyze your strengths and weaknesses. And then next step is to get on board with those you can compensate for your weaknesses and learn from your strengths. 

Find your target market and prepare your customer persona

If you know the problem exists, you have to be clear about which is your target market and, who are potential customers. Because the more efficiently you solve their problem more are the more chances they will become loyal customers of your startup.

USP should be the mission of your Startup

Now you know who you are competing with. So your next step is to draft a mission statement that will make you stand out in the market. The USP of your startup will help your target market to understand how you are different from other market players.

Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business

Creating customer loyalty is a must for your business. It will decide how well customers connect with your business. They may not remember what they bought from you but they will always remember how you treat them and that will decide the ultimate success of your business. Remember best marketing still happens through word-of-mouth. 

It might give you an overwhelming response but remember the struggle is all worth it.

Authored by Mr. Shivam Soni, Founder & CEO, BeYoung Folks Private Limited

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