Environmental friendly canned water- VOLNAA is all here to quench the thirst of everyone

For many of us, drinking water from a plastic bottle has been a source of concern. As we move ahead, VOLNAA has come here to bring a change.

For many of us, drinking water from a plastic bottle has been a source of concern. We are all aware of the harmful effects of plastic on our health. Not only that they are extremely harmful for the environment as well.

But now as the time moves ahead, VOLNAA has come here to bring a change! They are all set to launch their packaged drinking water in aluminum cans. Undoubtedly, a piece of magnificent news for everyone as people can now bid farewell to plastic bottled water available in the market.

Their vision is to extinguish plastic pollution, a global problem, by manufacturing their cans which are 100% recyclable with relock revolution. It can go from your shelf to the bins and back to the shelf again within a period of just 60 days. New Water – New Life: is their mantra.

VOLNAA was Co-founded by Kartik Rajput & Kushagra Sharma in the year 2020 with a motto to make our planet earth beautiful. They bring the “Natural Mineral Water” sourced from the Himalayas which has the pH level of 7.9. This is defining healthy and is the perfect water choice for everyone!

Talking about Brand Mr. Kartik Rajput, Co-founder of VOLNAA, said ”The idea behind setting up Volnaa was not easy for us yet it was something we wanted to contribute to save our Earth from plastic pollution and increasing global warming. Giving a new shape to packaged water, from bottled water to canned water, we have introduced a new market in India and is the first company to be plastic-free with our 100% recyclable cans and the new technology to relock the lids.”

“VOLNAA as a company will take major steps to save our Earth from plastic pollution. We are here to remind the people of the harm plastic bottled water could do as plastic leaves microplastic in the water which can affect our health in ways unimaginable. Our company has not only focused on the packaging but providing the best and high-quality natural mineral water in India. #Ekcanpani #saynotoplastic,” added Mr. Kartik Rajput.

Mr. Kushagra Sharma, Co-founder & Director of VOLNAA, Said “The word “Volnaa” translates to waves and as a wave is created by the sea above rest of the surface, we have taken the same emotion ahead and created this company which aims to make our motherland plastic-free. We adhere to the emotion and are equally serving the consumers by providing Natural Mineral Water. Volnaa sticks to the policy of providing the Best Quality with reasonable prices serving both the nature and the pockets of consumer.”

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