Top 5 reasons why EV is the future of the car industry: Rupesh Kumar, EVI Technologies

Electric vehicles are going mainstream in a big way. But will they topple the might of the diesel and petrol vehicles in the future, asks Rupesh Kumar, CEO of EVI Technologies.

Have you ever thought about the prized possession of a human being? Is it any item made out of gold or platinum or a diamond? Now imagine what will be your prized possession after 50 years, will it be the same or will you be paying a hefty amount just to breathe clean air?

Now let’s take the example of Delhi, the most popular city known as the most polluted city. Have you ever walked on the streets don’t you feel strangled? This happens due to the overwhelming number of cars running on fuel.

Now the only path to clean air and ending the early deaths from air pollution by the millions is to convert the transportation fleet to electric vehicles. Now the population is increasing so much that the pollution in China is so bad that 4,400 people per day die young from their air pollution whereas in the US$53,000 premature deaths per year from the exhaust emissions from fossil fuel transport which is especially harmful to children, the elderly, and low-income communities. 

Governments worldwide are boosting the EV industry through subsidies and regulations, and consumers are demanding low-emission commutes instead of fossil-fueled vehicles endangering the planet. 

When the first electric vehicles were built/launched, the industry did not take off due to the extremely high initial cost, poor battery range, slow speed, and much fewer environmental concerns. However, over the past decade, general interest from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), customers, and governments has led to huge investments in electric vehicle manufacturing and battery technology, with millions of vehicles on the road. Now sold in different countries.

All major global and Indian OEMs have invested in and launched EVs, and a number of new OEMs have attracted significant investment to launch highly successful models, driving demand for EVs and even creating unicorns too. 

Today Electric vehicles are going mainstream in a big way. But will they truly be able to topple the might of the diesel and petrol vehicles engine in the future?

Here are the five reasons why you should switch to electric vehicles

Environment friendly

Electric cars are said to be environment friendly because cars that run on fuel can harm the environment drastically as we know petroleum is highly toxic whereas Oil is absolutely lethal to fish, so the various oil spills that occur frequently cause irreparable harm to the aquatic lives and the plants on the surface.

Cost friendly

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than conventional vehicles, as batteries, motors, and associated electronics require little or no regular maintenance. Few fluids require regular maintenance like motor oil or fluids that fluctuate from moment to moment like gasoline and diesel.

Renewable source

Electricity is a renewable source of energy whereas petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy which means a finite source. Electric vehicles can be powered using electricity, which theoretically means that the supply is infinite as it is a renewable source. One merit of using EVs is that electricity is cheaper than gas in most global markets which will not cause a burden on your pockets. You can also charge it anytime you want.

Air pollution

Air pollution is the leading cause of global warming which can affect humans, plants, animals, and properties drastically. Studies indicate that 70-80% of the air pollution load in Indian cities is on account for by motor vehicles. The bulk of the motor vehicle emissions is due to fuel combustion and fuel evaporation which affects the air.

Sound pollution

Electric vehicles not only make the earth happier and keep people breathing better, but they also keep you safer while driving. EVs also don’t make too many sounds while driving whereas fueled vehicles make a lot of sounds while you are driving them.


With all the other differences that separate electric vehicles from gas vehicles, security would be one of them that you won’t be able to neglect. Electric vehicles have a much lower center of gravity than fueled vehicles, and for that reason, they tend to stay upright during collisions.

There is also growing evidence that electric vehicles are less likely to result in a car fire than gas cars. The Highway Loss Data Institute estimates that injury claims for electric cars are 40% lower relative to their gas-powered counterparts. There is no doubt that EVs are the future of driving and mobility. Also, new materials may be used in battery chemistries, but innovation will continue.

Author – Rupesh Kumar, CEO, EVI Technologies

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