Top 4 Indian companies transforming car servicing industry

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In this blog, we explore the four leading Indian companies that are leading the charge in transforming the car servicing industry.

The car servicing industry in India is witnessing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the innovative efforts of several companies. These forward-thinking organizations are revolutionizing the way car servicing is done, providing convenience, quality, and customer-centric solutions.

We will explore four Indian companies that are leading the charge in transforming the car servicing industry. Their innovative approaches, advanced technologies, and commitment to customer satisfaction are reshaping the landscape of car maintenance in India.


Bangalore Automovill, which was established in 2016 in India’s Silicon Valley, provides a one-stop shop for all automotive services. For its customers, Automovill has adopted a wholly innovative and disruptive strategy to foster trust and transparency. With a shorter TAT for service, it aims to lower the ownership cost of the vehicle.

Automovill enables the best possible experience with its technology-driven and 360-degree approach by bringing transparency, fostering trust, and reducing information asymmetry. With its AI-based engine system, it links car owners with the best mechanics and garages.

One of the Indian after-sales service companies with the fastest growth is Automovill. With 40 years of combined experience in technology, the Internet, e-commerce, and FMCG, including 12 years in Silicon Valley, Automovill has a very strong and reputable founding team.


Under the name myTVS, MyTVS manufactures and distributes high-quality, distinctive auto parts and accessories. Consumer research with a primary focus on India went into creating the goods sold under the brand. In an unorganised market for automotive accessories, MyTVS has succeeded in building a solid reputation as a reliable brand.

myTVS has an all-India distributor network that resells myTVS products to retailers of auto accessories, spare parts, and tires throughout India. Leading e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart also sell MyTVS Accessories products.

Due to the brand’s extensive product line, quality emphasis with an assured warranty of up to 2 years, innovative product offerings, and cost-effective pricing, the market has overwhelmingly embraced it. Along with the launch of its new spare parts division, the company also developed a dedicated product line of horns, wiper blades, coolants, wiring harnesses, etc., as well as a pan-India distribution network of more than 60 spare parts distributors.


Pitstop was established as a result of a love of automobiles and auto shows among most individuals, and especially auto enthusiasts. Pollution, bug splatter, bird droppings, and UV rays are just a few of the cruel things they have to deal with. Also damaging the paint and removing its shine are improper washing methods that use harmful substances.

Pitstop exists to incite pleasurable feelings through unmatched automotive preparation, enhancement, and protection and to recreate car presentation outcomes that will please even the most demanding clients. By including everything from the initial treatment to the aftercare maintenance, they aim to provide their customers with a comprehensive package of car care solutions.

To determine the kind of protection a client’s car needs, they delve into the specifics of the vehicle’s daily use. By constructing a facility where they use the highest-quality products for vehicles, they undertook their largest expansion in 2019.

Garage Me

The first technology-enabled doorstep platform for auto repair, maintenance, and service in Kerala A car’s maintenance has never been simpler. a result of several months’ worth of concept validation, market research, field work, and brainstorming. The online service, repair, and maintenance centre for cars is called Garage Me.

Garage Me is a one-stop shop for all things automotive A fleet of mobile service units that provide doorstep car care and a strategically positioned network of partner garages work together to deliver superior service quality and an exceptional customer experience. They are in fact upending the largely unorganised automobile service industry, one customer at a time, with a team of trained technicians, the use of genuine spare parts, and the promise of convenience.

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