5 Technologies That Will Change The Dialogue In 2022 And Beyond

According to Abhinav Gupta, CTO, Innovana Thinklabs, here are the 5 technologies that will change the dialogue in 2022 and beyond.

In recent years we have seen how digitization has changed the face of the world and helped it to keep progressing even when it was hit hard by the most crucial pandemic of all time. It was the technology that enabled its users to keep up their experiences in their career, education, or even in day-to-day life. The result is now we are living in an era where we can do anything from anywhere at the same or in some cases with greater efficiency. The advancements in technology do not end here. They will continue to shape the future of work, transforming every imaginable sector for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, here are the 5 technologies that will change the dialogue in 2022 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Cloud Applications Would Finally Underpin the Market

After the pandemic, no one can deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence has life-saving potential. The numerous innovations by AI from chatbots to automating tasks to virtual assistants and more will continue to drive insights and better solutions in 2022 and beyond too. It is expected to witness a great change in application infrastructure as the business organizations will move towards cloud applications in order to make way for more scalable, secure, and efficient business processes. With cloud computing and virtualization, companies would be able to carry out their processes cost-effectively by cutting down hardware. The powerful and expansive nature of cloud computing will grow in the future and likely provide more extensive security to the data and ultimately help companies achieve their business goals.

Advancement in Internet-5G

The 5th Generation mobile network is going to be a game-changer for every sector in the coming times. Faster speeds, larger capacity, and reduced latency on the internet will open new doors of opportunities in public safety and business. Statistics say that up to 40 percent of the global population will be 5G holders before 2025. The modern business world has shifted a great deal in the past years. Many businesses have become more familiarized with working even outside of the office. 5G can further facilitate these remote working skills and ultimately help the businesses to experience an increase in productivity.

Evolution of the Security Industry

In the coming times, the security industry will respond with greater automation and integration. The scanner tools will bring new updates and provide for a more secure storage process of personal data. The traditional infrastructure will integrate with modern digital innovations to solve digital challenges with ease. Since the risk landscape is getting more and more complex, security needs to be reformed from the presently available basic model to the intrinsically built advanced models. Antivirus solutions and web security extensions will be evolved and may provide more real-time protection and a safe browsing experience.

Melding Of Physical And Virtual Spaces

During 2020 and 2021, many of us realized that technology is very important for not only facilitating but also maintaining communications. These communications are not just limited to work but also real emotional connections. AI technology and several new applications will drive people closer to each other even if they are physically miles apart. The line which separates physical and virtual space will blur further as the users would be able to accomplish any experience whether it is participating in global events or even getting genuine Astrological reading from their own homes. However, merely making available these experiences would not be enough. In order to win the confidence of customers, data privacy will have to be prioritized. As we step into a new era, brands will make sincere efforts to provide services to users with full transparency and control over their data.

A New Era In IoT And Edge

IoT and Edge started off as a vision for future digitization are now fast becoming the most potent superpowers of the technology world. Five years from now, Edge will become the new battleground for data management. The second major consensus is that data management and the edge will increasingly converge and reinforce each other. We will see a gradual rise in these technologies as AI-powered IoT will deploy amongst various sectors and will probably take hold of various industries. 

Although I have mentioned that these technologies will impact our future, in reality, we are already witnessing their impact and widespread adoption even in the present day. It is expected to see some major updates and reforms in these technologies that will indeed change the dialogue in not only 2022 but also in the coming decade. Being a technology enthusiast, I am confident about the impact of these technologies in shaping the future and as much keen as you are to witness how these technology trends will form the backdrop to drive this growth. 

Authored by Abhinav Gupta, CTO, Innovana Thinklabs Ltd

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