TDI Infratech brings innovative ‘Milestone OOH Campaign’ in Tricity

TDI Infratech has launched an innovative OOH advertising and marketing campaign called ‘Milestone Campaign’. Read further in this feature.

One of the leading real estate developers, TDI Infratech has launched an innovative OOH advertising and marketing campaign called ‘Milestone Campaign’. The team at TDI Infratech has strategically selected important landmarks and roads in the Tricity region to attract the attention of natives and every person passing through the Tricity area.

The locations chosen for the billboards are Chandigarh Railway station, the road connecting Tricity to Ludhiana, Manali outside TDI Business Centre, Chandigarh Airport and near the cluster of TDI Smart City comprising sectors 74A, 116, 117,192 of Mohali.

The ‘Milestone Campaign’ to promote the futuristic and holistic TDI Smart city initiative aims to have an indelible impression on every passerby’s mind. Milestones are typical to highways, and a giant billboard with a protruding milestone imprint will become a focal point for everyone moving on the highways.

The billboards will catch the eye of almost thousands of people daily. TDI Infratech plans to continue this campaign for the coming year and add more locations.

Elaborating on the campaign Mr. Akshay Taneja, MD, TDI Infratech, said, “We have always been way ahead of others in the business. The projects that we have come up with have always had a futuristic streak to them. The same thought went behind the campaign as we wanted to showcase the smartness of the people behind the initiative of TDI Smart City. As TDI Smart City is an epitome of urban landscape, the milestone campaign will make people notice the amalgamation of nostalgia (milestones) and contemporary (billboard); this is what the initiative is about — connecting people to the future through glorious past.”

TDI Smart City strives to construct the right ecosystem to create myriad socio-economic opportunities sustainably while improving the quality of life for its residents and workforce. The smart city concept is about boosting connectivity at various levels among citizens and between the administration and the population.

It is best positioned to accommodate a growing population, cut down on traffic, provide water and energy efficiency improvements, reduce infrastructure expenses, remodel public transportation and facilitate a greater standard of living for every citizen.

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