SAG Infotech to develop Genius ERP, plans to hire 150+ Employees who Lost Job due to COVID-19 with Investment of USD 5 Mln

SAG Infotech is planning to hire 150+ employees who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and is investing USD 5 Million on Research & Development.

Recently, a new initiative of undertaking taken by SAG Infotech in the Research and development of the next-generation software solution technology (based on JAVA) with a budget of 5 Million USD.

Research and development is the hidden core of any successful company in a specific IT company which has taken around 8 years to be completed. Therefore, investment in the Research and Development worth 5 Million USD was the need of the hour. We developed a Genius ERP with the help of the SAG Development Environment tool.

To make a better shift to this latest ERP technology, we have also decided to hire new staff totally dedicated to this Genius ERP. We also have plans to employ a creative pool of more than 150+ dedicated people who have lost jobs in the wave of the first and second corona pandemic.

All the expert professionals will be handled by their respective departments in Technical Support, Telemarketing & Development. Currently, SAG Infotech employs more than 200+ employee staff with multiple departments under their supervision.

Recalling the features of Genius ERP software, it aids taxpayer individuals, professionals, businessmen, and SMEs, MSME in order to fulfill their tax compliances and business operations. The Genius ERP software is made to bring cloud, desktop both platforms support to all the devices which will make the client mobility an easy task. Every client will be able to handle his tax-related work anywhere anytime with the Genius ERP cloud feature.

Amit Gupta, MD of SAG Infotech stated that “This development required fast and accurate development and we needed this kind of tool. As I have more than 20 years of experience in this industry we have developed this ERP with the help of multiple tools in 8 years with an investment of 5 Million USD. To launch this product Genius ERP we require extra manpower, which is why we decided to hire 150 more staff in this section, therefore, the company has decided to add additional employees who have lost their jobs in COVID.”

The tax industry is always ready for multiple amendments in a short period and also a new notification by the government which changes tax calculations. In view of that, the company had developed the SAG Development Environment Tool which brings fast and accurate changes implemented in software.

As the SAG Infotech has served this industry for more than 20 years with different desktop-based software like Income tax, company law, payroll, etc. Therefore, with our experience, we have clubbed all software and developed this ERP which is cost-effective and also has a compliance module that is rarely available in any Accounting ERP.

Genius ERP is a full package of SAG existing product like Income Tax, Payroll, GST, etc. also the company added new modules like accounting, billing, compliance, inventory, retail modules etc.

As the SAG developed this ERP with the help of SAG Development Environment tool is easy to update and if some new suggestion and new module of any industry specific come to us, it can also be added in very less time. So this tool is cost-effective and we can serve our customers better with less time and budget.  

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