Real Estate Trends amid COVID-19 – Rahul Nagar, CBM INFRA PVT LTD

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Rahul Nagar from CBM Infra Pvt Ltd talks about the positive impact of the ongoing pandemic on the real estate industry and the way forward.

In the midst of the current financial vulnerability of COVID-19, 2020 is ending up as a good time for the housing market and its impacts on real estate market trends. As these trends have advanced and keep on creating, it’s essential to comprehend the current real estate trends and furthermore glance back at patterns after some time to help gauge and understand what’s to come.

As we stepped into the year 2020, some strong predictions  about the trends this year were made. For instance, the experts predicted that loan fees would stay low, costs would keep on gradually rise, and the lodging business sector would improve. In any case, paying little mind to the forecasts that were made for 2020, these trends are changing because of the spread of COVID-19. 

“The state’s decision to shutdown superfluous businesses set a cutoff on most real estate activities. There are additionally numerous social distancing rules set up that real estate transactions significantly more troublesome. Also, there is a great deal of financial vulnerability which is shielding individuals from purchasing houses. The entirety of this lead to the drop in the real estate prices which some way or another urged the buyers to put resources into the market. It was a steal the deal opportunity for them.” Says Rahul Nagar, Owner of CBM.

“Looking at this unexpected rise in the sales, a lot of companies, including ours, initiated with virtual house tours and consulting. This made sure that is buyer is safe and yet he can take a tour of his future house. 

This made is simple for both the gatherings to impart well even in the hour of pandemic. Not simply that, we’ve likewise observed NRIs putting resources into Indian land showcase as it appears to be a decent an ideal opportunity to them too.” He adds. 

This year has been a thrill ride and the trends as noticed by Nagar seem to be, both business and private land are to develop, innovation will reshape the division and extravagance lodging will be reclassified.

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