Odysse Adopts Advanced IoT Technology in EVs | Extends Dealerships in 4 Metropolises

Odysse Electric Vehicles announces an upgraded version of its IoT-enabled vehicles that provide real-time information and measures key parameters.

Odysse Electric Vehicles announces an upgraded version of its IoT-enabled vehicles which provide real-time information and play an indispensable role in offering vehicle data. The advancement also measures absolute and relative parameters such as speed, acceleration, and braking pattern to provide recommendations for improved performance and lower maintenance. 

The EV manufacturer has also introduced geofencing and immobilization in the vehicle to improve security and reduce the safety related risks. The IoT-enabled EV will also improve the overall user experience by making them aware about the money & CO2 saved by driving an EV compared to an ICE vehicle.

Given the additional features in the Electric Vehicles, Odysse has further expanded their presence in the influential metropolises, including their second showroom in Chembur- Mumbai (Maharashtra), Bhopal (M.P.), Agra (U.P.), and Vidhisha (M.P.), bringing the total number of dealerships to over 60. The new dealership intends to educate customers and respond to inquiries, including at-home charging options and set expectations.

Mr. Nemin Vora, Chief Executive Officer, Odysse Electric vehicles Private limited, said, “We’re thrilled to share our extended dealerships in India’s four major cities. These dealerships will aid to build a strong brand and customer bond throughout the country. Given our commitment to a sustainable ecosystem, we selected these locations based on their benefits to both business and the environment. Our main priorities will always be customer service, safety, and technology and we consistently strive toward achieving them.” 

“We currently have 60+ dealerships and intended to have over 100 dealerships across India by March 2023. In addition, we have planned our product launch for September focusing on B2B clients.” he further added

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