News Patrolling Recognized for its Digital Prowess and Contributions At Rashtriya Achiever Awards

News Patrolling
In the recently concluded Rashtriya Achiever Award event, News Patrolling has been recognized as the Best Digital Company.

For more than a decade now, News Patrolling has been at the forefront of digital news media and blogging. Founded by Pankaj Bansal, News Patrolling has won multiple awards over the years. The most recent recognition comes from Rashtriya Achiever Award event, where News Patrolling has been given the Best Digital Company award.

Speaking about the portal’s new achievement, Pankaj Bansal said, “I am immensely proud to accept the honor of being awarded the Best Digital Company. This recognition underscores our relentless dedication and also serves as an inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries and redefining the standards of digital journalism.”

How News Patrolling has enriched the digital landscape?

Reporting real-time developments

With its network of freelance reporters, News Patrolling brings the latest news and updates in a 24/7 environment. Depending on where the news story is developing, News Patrolling can be among the first to pick up the breaking news and publish the updates.

In-depth insights and analysis

Leading personalities and seasoned professionals regularly share their insights, opinions and analysis on News Patrolling. The contributions have been coming from professionals such as doctors, lawyers, sportspersons, tech experts, business leaders, political leaders, artists and various other subject matter experts (SMEs). Information provided by these knowledgeable and experienced professionals is invaluable for the readers.

Unbiased news stories

News Patrolling is among the few digital news media portals that continue to function independently and provide unbiased stories and updates to its readers. This is one of the key reasons as to why many people prefer to get their daily news updates from News Patrolling. Much of the funding for the portal has been generated by founder and CEO Pankaj Bansal through his own sources.

Complex data and analytics in a short, crisp format

In today’s fast-paced world, people barely have time to read through pages after pages of text. This is why news updates and blogs onNews Patrolling are provided in short and easy-to-understand format. With just a glance, readers can get a good grasp of the content. This approach has helped increase readership at News Patrolling.

Active collaborations

News Patrolling has partnered with leading media stakeholders such as Dailyhunt. The portal has also emerged as a preferred media partner. Some of the key associations in recent times include ET-Edge Workforce of The Future, ET Insurance, ET Bharat Global Trade Forum, ET Employee Excellence Summit, ET-Edge Global Sustainability Alliance, Middle East Low Code No Code Summit, World Financial Innovation Series and Digital Acceleration & Transformation Expo.

Since inception in 2014, the portal has consistently increased its geographical reach and readership. Revenue growth has been in the range of 10% to 30% every year. From 2014 to 2024, revenue growth has improved 15X. Business capital during the period has grown 20X. Story reach currently averages around 5 lakh views per month, which is a significant growth of around 5000X. While starting out with a single individual, this news portal now has a highly specialized team of more than 20 freelancers.

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