Leading Headhunters in India as of March 2022

Here is a list of the top 5 premium leadership search firms or headhunters who could assist you fulfill your recruitment need end to end.

Leaders aid in communicating the firm’s vision and mission to employees. This provides direction and assists everyone in identifying roles that best match their skills and experiences. Leaders encourage their subordinates to act in order to achieve goals through clear communication.

At senior levels, the real cost of a bad hire can lead to enormous damages. On a similar hand, strong leaders improve overall organizational performances and act as various contributors in achieving customer satisfaction, organizational productivity, and financial gains.

Employee retention, performance, engagement, and business objectives are essential means for an organization’s success.  With expertise in delivering leadership solutions merged with the right mix of technology, the headhunters are well-versed with what it takes to find the best fit to find and recruit the best talent.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 premium leadership search firms or headhunters that will help you fulfill your recruitment need:

Athena Executive Search & Consultancy

Athena is a progressive and new-age HR consulting firm that has been judicially reinventing the executive search industry since its inception in India in 2010. By leveraging its unique solutions to achieve corporate excellence, it has defied the boundaries of conventional approaches to talent-oriented challenges.

Within just a few years of operation, they have established an exceptional position for themselves. The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the global benchmarking body for the executive search and leadership consulting profession, has recognized and certified Athena as the first and youngest firm in India.

Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles is the world’s leading provider of senior-level executive search, culture transformation, and leadership consulting services. They serve more than 70% of the Fortune 1000, as well as clients from virtually every industry and sector around the world.

They use data-driven methodologies crafted over decades of engagements with the world’s leading organizations across all of their offerings. Insights help clients find the best leaders in the world, create diverse, inclusive cultures, and transform their teams to achieve new levels of performance.


With 66 offices in 54 countries and a global team of more than 500 professionals, they are one of the world’s largest leadership and executive search consultants. They have built a reputation over the last 45 years for focusing on quality, talent, and agility. Their goal has been to assist their clients in shaping the long-term success and being prepared for what’s next.

Executive Access

Executive Access has established a distinct position with a strong emphasis on performance and impact. Throughout their 25-year history, they have kept the two most important constituents – clients and candidates – at the center of everything they do. They have taken the client relationship and partnership to the next level with their cutting-edge technology platform and are engineered by a research team.

Korn Ferry

They assist in closing the potential gap.  Every day, organizations make critical business decisions without fully comprehending the gap between where they are now and where they need to be in order to succeed.

They work with clients to create the best frameworks, roles, and responsibilities. They assist them in hiring the right people and providing advice on how to reward and motivate their workforce, all while developing professionals as they navigate and advance their careers.

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